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John Bellen

It's always difficult, but it's more difficult when we try with such determination to save them. But sometimes we try so hard because the odds are so heavily against them. The greater the odds, the more we try. You fought, and did all you could for Daffy. She knew that if anyone could save her, it would be you. And she knew that if anyone could let her go, it would be you. Godsped, Daffy.


So very sorry to hear about Daffy. You did all you for her & that's what counts. She was well loved & cared for because of you.
Cynthia xoxo

Elizabeth Garcia

I'm so sorry. You have done so much for these beautiful cats and she was happy with you for so long. You did what you could until it was time for her to go.

Pam Tyson

Oh Chrystal, I know it breaks our hearts when we have to say goodbye. But she had a wonderful life with you and she knew you loved her.

The Poupounette Gang

I am so sorry that you lost Daffy, Chrystal. Each loss is so great, however small the cat. I hope that Daffy will meet up with my little Genji at the Bridge and there will share some wonderful meals - all teh food they could not at here - together.

Ginny& the Fur Family

So sorry about your Daffy. It is so hard to let go. Love is forever. Your love will follow him into the beyond over the Rainbow bridge into the land of No pain. Daffy knew how much he was loved. You knew when it was time to release him from his pain. Prayers for the soul of Daffy.

Maria in FL

Oh, poor, sweet Daffy! She was a beauty! It is always hard to say goodbye, but something you said, Chrystal, really resonated with me. When they are suffering and we keep them alive, it is for US, not THEM. I believe that this is our final gift to our beloved fur babies...to let them go and ease their suffering. Safe travels to the Bridge, Sweet Daffy!

Ellen Pilch

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. XO

Goldie Goodwin

As always, you love your babies so much. You did everything right. She was loved and cared for. Clearly a happy girl during her lifetime, and that's the best outcome. I'm sorry for your loss.

Timmy Tomcat

We are so sorry to hear about sweet Daffy. She was such a good little girl. You gave her a lot of good time with great care and love. That is all any of us can aspire too and if we find it, that is true cat heaven on earth. Fly free Daffy and watch over us who will carry on with you in our hearts


Chrystal, I’m so sorry that you lost another friend. It’s always so hard. May the Spring bring you some solace.

Mary McNeil

We are so sorry this was the outcome for sweet Daffy. We lost four kitties in the past year, three of whom we spent trying to nurse back to health (the other one was sudden onset of a condition she'd evidently hidden.) It is even more heart breaking when you hope for every small rally and wish you could explain to them why you are trying so hard with them.
They are all pain free now, and will never be forgotten. Purrayers.


We're so sorry, Chrystal. Thank you for loving Daffy so much, and for doing all you could for her. Purrs and prayers to you, dear friend.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

She was a real beauty, what a little doll. My heart breaks for you. Sending hugs and love and prayers.

Friends, you can send donations and wish list items in Daffy's name and help the Wishers who she started out with. Even though she was Chrystal's personal kitty, she started as a Wisher. If you can, donate please. Thank you

Karen Lucas

Oh Chrystal. So heartbroken 💔 for Daffy. I’m so so sorry.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa's Family

I'm so sorry for your loss of this beautiful sweetheart. She found so much love with you. We were away from blogging for years but I remember Winnie's Wish and it makes me smile to see so many rescued kitties on your sidebar.


So sorry to hear about the loss of Daffy. I'm certain she knew you loved her very much & that you did all you possibly could to secure her health. It's always hard when they leave. Take care.

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