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Cassandra B

I’ve always loved coming here too see the kitties and read their stories. Thank you so much for the work you do and for sharing it with all of us.

Ginny& the Fur Family

I do not ever want to stop thinking about the cat and dog rescues that were posted here over the years. 60 is still a young thing compared to us oldies who read you all the time. Here is hoping you and all your family stay well. We will be looking on here - to see the fund raiser and an new - rescues you come across - because you, like me, can not turn away a cat in need of a home. Mine like yours- will never leave here- this is their home. Until death do us part from our pets. Will miss you very much but we all understand. This is not farewell but just a pause to rest. See You later special friend in Fur a Way Land.

Goldie Goodwin

Oh gosh, You need to do what is best for you. Blogs seem to be going the way of the milk man... Everyone wants to have their info fast and furious, in just a few seconds. I'll miss your blog. I like being able to read in personal detail about what's going on, but of course I still have Max to remind me of you. I miss Dearest every day since her untimely passing 3+ years ago (maybe 4 years). Max does too. I had gotten another kitten( Lionel) just a week or so before I adopted Max & Dearest from you, so they all grew up together. I always thought of Lionel as part of your brood, just a kitten from another mother. Lionel passed away earlier this year. It's been a hard year, for everyone. Many tragedies and a few blessings too. I'll keep watching for your blogs and FB posts. Take care my friend.

Mary McNeil

Thank you for sharing this with us. We will be happy if you keep in touch ! Purrs to you and all the furbabies !

Maria in FL

Oh Chrystal, your missives will be sorely missed! I have enjoyed each and every one, whether they made me laugh or cry. I have read your book twice, and am honored to support your work when I can. Animal lovers are kindred spirits, and I will always count you as a dear friend. This is not goodbye, just "see you soon". Much love to you and your wonderful family!

John Bellen

I am sorry you feel you have to stop blogging. I enjoy reading about the cats in your life, and the rescues and their homes. I myself don't rescue much at all, but I write about my rather boring beasts and what they do. It interests me, so I write about it. If others are interested or entertained by it, so much the better. I would enjoy seeing you too write about those things that amuse, intrigue or interest you, regardless of whether you think they do the same for others. If you think the time has come to lay down your metaphorical pen, then you have earned that rest. If you decide to write further, about the everyday happenings of cats and the people who love them, then other people who love them will surely love reading about yours. The best of the future to you and yours.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

I will always be here! And yes, there are upcoming fundraisers!! I love the stories of the kitties and I love hearing what they are up to now. I wonder how your personal kitties and doggies and donkeys and piggies are doing too, bet I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind updates on them. ;) just thoughts for possible posts? I should talk.. I havent been able to blog in a long time! I need to change that soon!

Friends, please never forget that all those kitties still need support, still need donations and wish list items! Help if you can! And look out for fundraisers! Love you all!


I have really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for all you do & for sharing it with us. I hope you'll continue writing about the antics of your charges as well as your daughter's wildlife rescues. Thank you!


We will miss your blogs but will keep an eye on the site just in case !! Thank you for doing so many wonderful things and saving so many lives. IF you can let know how the wildlife are doing. Will still be a supporter as long as I can :))))
Cynthia xoxo

Timmy Tomcat

May we make a suggestion. Many of our blog friends do very short posts with only a couple of lines and a photo or two. Maybe just do the same on one or the other who does something that strikes your fancy as cute, funny or exasperating. It only takes a minute or few and it would keep you connected to your supporters which is important. Maybe one of the "hops" like wordless Wednesday or Feline Friday? Your posts are needed and we will all miss them.

Ellen Pilch

I will miss your daily posts. I admire all you do. I can barely handle my 9 and can't imagine 32. XO


We certainly understand, Chrystal. We are glad you're not totally giving up blogging, because we do still want to know what's going on with the Wishers and with Older Daughter's wildlife work! Hugs to you, dear friend.

The Poupounette Gang

You have done and continue to do an amazing job, Chrystal. So many lives saved, so much love given. I wish I was still in a position to help but my own situation is now rather fragile. But, perhaps, that will change too, in time! I wish you every good thing going forward.

Ginny & the Fur Family

Your fans have spoken - you will be so missed. Just a few lines or a couple of pictures of your pets would be so nice. Will still be in our prayers every day.


Oh, this made me cry a bit. Not in sadness, but because it made me reflect on the last 10 years and all the wonderful stories you've shared (and I've shared with you). You gave me two of my greatest joys in Jasper and Soapy and I'm forever grateful for that. While I'll miss your regular posts, I'm hoping you'll continue to be a presence on FB. You've done some amazing work and I truly hope you take time to enjoy yourself and get some much-needed rest. You'll always hold a special place in my heart.

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