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So very sorry for the loss of Tibby Bean. Without question, she knew she was loved by you...and loved you back.


Dear Chrystal,
So very sorry to hear about Tibby, never easy to say goodbye. She was much loved and cared for & I have no doubt she knew that.
Cynthia xoxo

Ginny @ the Fur Family

Fare the well dear sweet Tibby -in the here after. No more pain - you were loved so much by Chrystal. I lost my dear Misty a few months ago the same way. I had her on fluids for over a year. She seemed alright when I went to bed and about 3 in the morning she was having a seizure and didn't know me. We took her to the emergency vets and she passed away a while later never knowing me again but I held her as she went over the bridge and told her how much I loved her and she is buried out in our back yard cemetery. They come into our lives with not a chance of a good life and we give them our all and love them so much and they move through and go out of our lives to the bridge and we never forget them nor do we stop loving them. Love is forever - love never dies. As long as we remember them they are still loved. Bless Tibby.


Oh, sweet Tibby. I am so sorry.


So sorry Chrystal, it is so hard to lose them, but she knew she was loved and did not die alone and unloved like so many do. Thinking of you and Tibby Bean.


Chrystal I am so very sorry about the loss of your sweet Tibby Bean. Knowing she was well cared for and deeply loved are the important things. Her home was meant to be with you and her life mattered. I think how can one tiny furry cat make all the difference in our lives, but they do and we do in theirs as well. Thinking of you.

Random Felines

we are so very sorry. but no that NO MATTER where she lived, she was very loved and you did the best you could for her...and we know she knew that.

The Poupounette Gang

Do not say that Tibby Bean was not adopted. Se had a home and she had someone who loved her. YOU. You gave her security, care and love. That is more than many people get, Chrystal. Run Free, sweet Tibby Bean.

Goldie Goodwin

I am so sorry for your loss. Tibby Bean had a good life with a family that loved her. Just know you did everything possible for her.


I am so so sorry to read about Tibby Bear. What a great life she had with you Chrystal and what a lovely way for her to go rather than at the vet. Huge gap in your life too. I was interested to read that she was one of your originals so she's been in your life a long time. Warm fuzzies from a very very very hot and baking New Zealand.

Karen Lucas

Oh no, leaky eyes at work. I am so so sorry Chrystal. The most important thing is that she had you to love. And you had her.

John Bellen

Every time we love someone, we lose someone, eventually. But I've mentioned with the passing of others' foster cats that the cats don't know they aren't in their permanent homes. They have food and warmth, security, fun and love. Tibby Bean was with her family. She was home. Godspeed, Tibby Bean.


Oh Chrystal, I am (of course) in tears reading this. Tibby Bean was loved and she knew it - that's the important thing for you to remember. I know they take a piece of our heart when they leave. A big hug to you, my friend.

Maria in FL

Chrystal, I am so sorry for the loss of Tibby Bean. I know you feel badly that she never had a home of her own, but she had a wonderful home with you as a Wisher. Every kitty should have the warmth, comfort, food, medical care, and love that you provide each and every wisher. Safe travels to the Bridge, sweet Tibby Bean!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Oh Chrystal, I am so so sorry. I know you did everything right for Tibby Bean, as you do for every kitty in your care. I know she knew she was loved. I'm glad she was with you when she went, I'm glad she had comfort in her last days. That's all you, thank you for caring as much as you do. Hugs on your loss.

Friends, if you will, please, in Tibby Bean's honor, share a kitty from the side bar. She didn't get adopted, but these ones can if we share! Ask everyone you know if they know of a good home!

And perhaps, in Tibby's name, send a wish list item or donation to help the rescue and sanctuary where she lived her whole life. Thank you


I am incredibly sorry for your loss. Tibby was blessed to have you care for her and love her. Each one forever holds a piece of our hearts. We sometimes think our hearts can't take anymore...but alas.. we are always wrong. There is always room in our hearts for more! Keep up the good fight. YOU MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

Cat's Cats

Sweet Tibbs, she was loved and will be remembered.


We are so sorry, Chrystal. Home is where the heart is, and Tibby Bean loved you as much as you loved her. So even though she was not adopted, she was loved, and she was home. Hugs, purrs and prayers to you, dear friend.

Lee County Clowder

Sending comforting purrrsss and gentle headbutts.

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