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The Poupounette Gang

Poor little ones. It sounds like the home they were in was far from perfect in many ways, though. Their reaction is just too violent for cats who have been loved and well cared for all their lives.


Chrystal, my heart breaks for them & you. I don't understand that reaction either, maybe they are just that terrified. Why is declawing not a crime in north america yet!? Lots of prayers that they find a loving home very soon. Thank you Chrystal for being there for them...you are amazing.

Ginny @ the Fur Family

At least they are safe right now. Who knows what they have had to endure these last years. I am so glad you have them back. Love will bring them around. Please some one take a chance on these dear ones. Then need so much love.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Poor little darlings! Hopefully a wonderful home shows up for them and they can settle in somewhere where there are no other cats and the humans have patience and love to give! Please share and help find these wonderful people, I know they are out there!!
Share Sunspot and Zen and the rest too! Lets find some great homes in the start of this new year!!
Don't forget donations and wish list items!!

Cat's Cats

Oh my gosh poor babies. They are so terrified they can't even soothe each other :( I know in the past at the vet some of my guys have been so scared they don't seem to recognize ME! I really hope they acclimate even just a little bit. What about covering the top or the back of their cage with a towel so they don't feel so exposed? Just a thought xo


I agree with Virginia. Cats who trust humans and who have been well loved and cared for in a secure home environment, wouldn't be reacting quite this extremely. Maybe in the long run, it is better for them to be out of that home. Our thoughts and love are with you Chrystal.

Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

Maria in FL

Unbelievable!! I know Silly Whim and Arthur can't talk, but I bet if they could they would tell you that their life in that home wasn't a good one. I always believe, whether it's correct or not, that animals are better off in a shelter than in a home that would unceremoniously dump them like trash. Some people are just scum, that's all. I know you are heartbroken, Chrystal, and somewhat desperate, but I believe you will prevail in making these two sweethearts feel safe and loved again. Bless you!!


Chrystal, my sympathy to Silly Whim, Arthur and you. It appears these two have been mistreated for a long time and they are really better off with you. Hopefully time and your love will slowly make their life better. I wish for you some adoptions by really good cat lovers in the near future. You are very appreciated by many, many people.

Random Felines

I am so very sorry - for you and for them.

Karen Lucas

I agree with the others - this is not the reaction of kitties that have been loved and well treated with good human contact. At least now they are not being abused. I wish I could help you but at 79 I can't offer them a forever home. Would some quiet classical music help to calm them a little?

Ellen Pilch

This is heartbreaking. I am glad you were able to get them out of the shelter. I don't know how people live with themselves when they give up pets.


Those poor, poor babies. They are terrified. The very first thought that popped into my head was "Separate them." Silly Whim doesn't look angry, she looks scared, and possibly bullied by Arthur. So get her away from him and give her a chance to relax. If she's never had that, if may be a welcome change for her. She may turn into a sweet cat who soaks up the loving she may have been missing.
Arthur can be housed solo while you work on his obvious anger issues and remind him people are good; people are the source of food and pets and love, etc. Or you may discover that Arthur has been "damaged" too far and can no longer be adopted out. But at least by being separated, you can find out if one or both cats can be saved.


I truly do not believe it is because they were declawed. I do believe that it is just because they are confused and terrified. I think they would be that way no matter what. Cats have many different personalities and I have seen confident ones and those that are not. We get declawed cats into our county shelter (Animal Control) and they do just fine. I have seen cats with their claws behave as you are describing Arthur and Silly Whim. Many cats have a very difficult time with change. All pets are a lifetime commitment and should not be considered disposable. Also, I truly believe in slow introduction (cat to cat, cat to dog, dog to dog). Adopting a cat and plopping them down in front of your other cat(s)is a terrible idea. My heart breaks for Arthur and Silly Whim. They did not deserve this.


Oh, also, sometimes on cat will feed off the fear of another. Because, "If he is scared, I should be scared! What is going on???!!!"


I can't even imagine giving up our pets. Having said that, Whim and Arthur's extreme reaction makes one wonder what they wet through before they came back to you. I have tears in my eyes as I type this, thinking of how terrified they are. :(

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