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Ginny& the Fur Family

Chrystal I too hate folks who feel animals are throw away things. I caught my outside male cat and took him to be neutered and shots and etc.. Guess what? He is the sweetest cat ever friendly - solid gray - named Bat man. He has feline Aids and can not go back out side ever. They ask if I wanted to put him down and even as they talked they knew the answer. No -No - I talked at length with them and they said it is not contagious to people and dogs and it is alright to share a water bowl etc. The only way another could probable catch it is if they fought violently and had a gash of deep wound. I knew god of cats would work it out for this sweet baby. He loves out side - but he fights with no one and the dogs do not even bother him -right now he is setting on the table beside my computer wearing his new green glitter break away collar with the little bell so I can hear him if he comes to the door behind me as I go out. People should try harder to keep the pets they adopt and never let them go. Animals are not playthings they have hearts and feelings just like we do but in the cat way. They speak - Meooww not words. Adopt them and love them for the sweet beings they are. Love is forever.

Marian in Houston

I don't use the word PET. I use the term Member of the Family. At least these fools are finding a safe place for the poor babies to go. You have more patience and courage than I do. I am so grateful for people like you and I pray for people like these other fools.

Random Felines

wow - one of those days when you are reassured that some people serious suck at being decent human beings. this is one of those times when getting the dog back is an improvement.

Gina Dunning

That makes me furious. At all of those you mentioned. I could never work at a shelter and deal with the public because I would tell them what I thought of them and what a useless piece of s**t they are. Sorry for the rant. I am just fed up. But then I see the good people out there and try to be optimistic that all hope is not gone.


This makes me ill. I’m with Marian, mine are not pets. They are members of my family. And if I couldn’t take them, then I wouldn’t go. GRRR

The Poupounette Gang

Oh Chrystal... The world is sadly full of ugly, self-centered, cold-hearted people. All we can do is give the love we can to whoever we can whenever we can. I have just managed to rescue two beautiful broodmares from slaughter, and reunite one of them with her five month old daughter. The people who separated them have no sense and no heart. There are plenty of them about.

Maria in FL

Grrrrrrrr, this post just makes me SO angry! What is wrong with people???? I could say so many horrid, ugly things, but instead I will say something that hopefully will make us all feel a little better. I truly believe that if pet owners (I refuse to call these miserable people "pet parents") are willing to just discard their pets like trash, then they are much better off in any situation that involves a Parker family member. Chrystal, I know this situation is not at all what you would want for Silly and Arthur, but they are so lucky to have you. This poor abandoned dog is also lucky to be placed in a facility where your daughters work. The anger we feel is totally justified, but these poor babies will be cared for and loved. So many animals will never have that!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Furry family members! Not pets, not animals, certainly not temporary! Forever furry family members!
I wish the shelter could sue that guy for breech of contract for not neutering the dog and for leaving it outside, I'm sure he signed something when he adopted but I doubt most courts would entertain it since most states see them as property, not living beings with needs and wants and rights.
Grrrrr and Grrrr for Whim and Arthur! Friends, lets do something about this, lets please please share and get these kitties into homes right away! Lets get all the super adoptable kitties into homes and then start working on the slightly harder cases! They all deserve to be someone's furry family members!

Don't forget donations and wish list items!!!


Ugh. This makes me absolutely sick! I really dislike people sometimes. Well, not all of them, but it is unconscionable that some humans are such monsters...

I am sorry, Chrystal, that this happened. Sorry for you, sorry for Silly and Arthur, and sorry for that poor dog. :(

John Bellen

We don't get returns often at our rescue-group, but they occur. I don't take in even foster-cats unless I can keep them indefinitely, until they are adopted. And when I adopt cats, they are with me forever. A commitment is a commitment, whether you make it to a human, or an animal or a piece of wood. It's a bargain with yourself as much as with the other party. If you break that commitment, that promise, how can you be trusted again?


Speechless and infuriated. Karma...pray for karma. That poor pup. The good thing?...he will be neutered and now never die of heart worms. He also will now find a warm soft bed INSIDE with his new-soon-to-be family. Deep breath, because his life just got BETTER! He will soon be someone's world, not someone's rubbish!

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