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Random Felines

oh honey - I am SO very sorry. there certainly are days when you have to wonder about it all and certainly about people out there. but know there are MORE people that support and love you

John Bellen

Sometimes there is just too much all at once. The best thing to do is what you did: give yourself some time and let things settle down. They will still be there later, and they may still be as bad, but you will be better. I look forward to reading more tomorrow.

Maria in FL

Crystal, your comment about always having to be nice really hit home. People generally know that I volunteer at a no kill cat shelter. Someone came up to me recently and nonchalantly told me that she knew someone who was relinquishing a cat because she was moving, and would we take it. I just looked at her, and told her that her friend should be a responsible pet owner and take her cat with her! We have 300 cats at our shelter! The woman looked shocked, but I didn't care. I am SO sick of people just thinking that they can drop off their cats like they are stuffed toys. It is VERY hard to accept that not everyone feels like their animals are family members. It is righteous anger, and we need to feel it from time to time. Then we pick up and move on, just as you've done, Chrystal. Hang in there, girlfriend!!

Ginny& the Fur Family

I feel the depths of your despair - This rain brought my mind to the yard sale. I litterly prayed for the rain to hold off. Sometimes we wonder how things get to where they are. Then we realize that the only thing we can control is our own thoughts and actions. There are times when we should just say what is on our mind. That may sound harsh, but when people take the lives of animals too lightly, I get hopping mad. Those little fur babies have feelings and thoughts just like people do and miss their old forever homes and families. They are living things with hearts and souls. I have moved twice across this country with a truck loaded with cages filled with cats and dogs who were family pets. Never did it occur to me to give them away or abandon them. We made it 1630 miles to Arizona with us taking a back facing motel room, and covering the cages with blankets and getting everyone into the motel for the night. We did this two times in 10 years all made it safe and sound. I do not feel people who give away their pets deserve any good words. They should have ask about the pet policy before they moved into a place where they could not have their pets. Shame on them. Chrystal is right about things being things - and has done every thing she can to make it turn out all right- Bless you dear Chrystal- we are all with you in spirit.


Chrystal, I'm sorry so many negative things are happening right now, but remember you have many people who love you. And partly for the reasons that you are in these situations. You put yourself out there doing wonderful things for animals that need you. And you have every right to get angry when people are so unfeeling and thoughtless as to declaw and then no longer want to care for their cats. You are a great person. Things will get better. Hugs.

The Poupounette Gang

Oh Chrystal. I do feel for you! That is a lot of hard stuff happening all at the same time. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not nice in that they only ever think of themselves, and collateral damage is of no interest to them. I keep finding myself saying to people that humanity has an overblown opinion of its own goodness. But there are people like you out there too, and you make the world of difference to these small lives. Hang in there!

Karen Lucas

I'm so worried about Silly Whim and Arthur - would this person go behind your back and just get rid of them? How I wish I could take some of your wishers but when you're 78 and have three geriatric cats it doesn't work. Now that I have that off my chest (I just got so scared for them) I do have some clean and dry cat stuff for you that I am going to try to get in the mail in the next week. It must be so hard to deal with so much worry and heart ache and anger and a little bit of rage. It makes me crazy when people feel that their furniture is more important than their cat but my sister and my niece both have had their cats declawed. You have our support and love.

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