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Random Felines

we had the same thing with Tostada our foster...but you can't know unless you try, so at least something has been eliminated. we know it is SO frustrating for everyone, but better to have ruled some things out.


So glad she made it through and bonus...no cancer.
Chrystal, I know you didn't get an answer to the problem but as least they ruled some nasty stuff out. You did what you had to do for her & that is all you can ask sometimes. She is home and eating and hopefully (paws crossed) the new meds will provide her with some relief. Enjoy the little cutie, she lucked out when she met you :)))

virginia wells

So glad Angel made it through. I wish the Vet had cut it out - at least there would have been a relief for a while until it grew back. I used to use a baby nose bulb to suck the mucus out of my cat Spot Dots nose. That helped for a while and an allergy pill from the vet helped. I even took hemorrhoid cream and used a Q-tip to put a little up there to shrink the polyp also I used vicks under his nose to open up the sinuses. Anything is worth a try. Bless you for trying so hard to help little sweet Angel.

The Poupounette Gang

I wonder if that tooth extraction will help at all. And you do need to get that mucus cleared away. Keeping all fingers and paws crossed tat it does end up making a difference for Angel.

John Bellen

I'm very pleased that Angel survived the surgery, but it must indeed be very disappointing for the operation not to have given an answer of some sort. Angel's life continues to be better than what she once had, however, and I am sure she appreciates that.


What a relief to wake up to Angel's return in one piece. A "no result" is a pain but at least it does rule out nasties and as you say there are still two medications to try and just maybe one of these will be the magic cure. Big pat from me and my Angel to you and your Angel.

Karen Lucas

Is there anything that would work like Mucinex does for people? Long story short I used to suffer with sinus headaches because of the constant large amount of mucous and an examination of my sinuses revealed nothing but lots of mucous. I take allergy medicine anyhow but the ent prescribed Mucinex which I had to have compounded when I started and also Singulair which is an asthma medicine often used for allergies. My sinuses drain constantly but ever since there is no build up. They worked wonders for me - both fairly benign medicines - I wonder if either could be used for Angel since my mucous build up was not bacterial or viral and a lot of the things we have ourselves, we also see in our kitties. Just a thought Chrystal. Thank god she survived the surgery.

Maria in FL

So happy and relieved that Angel survived the surgery! You did absolutely the right thing, Chrystal, and ruled out many serious issues that she could have had. I totally would have done the same thing! I'm hoping that she gets some relief from one or more of the new meds.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

I'm so late getting here, but I'm so grateful that Angel is still here! Ruling things out is sometimes the best you can do, at least it's not horribly awful! We are praying and purring over here that the new meds work and she's able to breath and then want to eat more!

Friends, you can still donate to the cost of the surgery, and new meds! If you do, I will send you a cute little thank you gift! For those who have donated, yours will be on their way soon!

Regular donations and wish list items are always needed too! Thank you all!!


I'm sorry the surgery did not garner a fix for what ails sweet Angel. But I'm glad you tried, Chrystal. And at least now you know what it's not, right?

One thought. Could it be sinusitis? Moosey had that, and would snarfle and sneeze up some bad mucous when he was at the shelter. He was prescribed Flonase (fluconazole) - 1 drop in each nostril per day. It really helped him.

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