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Ginny&the fur family

No doubt you did the right thing about Angel. She looks content and happy. I was so hopeful about little Hope. She is a sweet looking kitty. Maybe something will change. Sometimes a day makes a difference. That blanket and sox are so nice. That litter and food will be a big help. Prayers for a happy week after Easter.

Cynthia Prentice

Thank you Chrystal for what you did for Angel:)) Praying for Hope to get her forever home, change is so hard on some cats.
Some settle in after 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months..u never know.
one of ours took a full year and another has been 3 years & still terrified of being picked up :(( We'll never know her history but she's safe now & seems content & sometimes that's all you can ask for.


I feel even better things ahead for Angel. Hopefully, fear will slowly melt away.

Random Felines

Angel looks pretty content in her new space

Liz Garcia

You are the Angel, Chrystal. She looks very happy in her new surroundings. She has had a tough life protecting herself. Now maybe she can have some "chill" time in the run made just for her.


How nice to see that Angel is finally beginning to feel peace in the safety of her new home. I hope that some day she will also be able to find comfort in your company.

Much needed Winnie's Wish gifts...yay!

Wonderful news for Zen! So happy that she has found her perfect forever home! Hope...will patiently wait to hear her story tomorrow.

Karen Lucas

She looks so happy, what a blessing you are. Hopeful for Hope. Some kitties take a long time and some kitties who either were feral to begin with or didn't have a mom to teach them humans were ok never become a loving lap cat. One of our rescues who came to us when she lost her home at 12 is so sweet and loves petting and brushing is absolutely terrified if you try to pick her up and freaks out at the vet and has to be knocked out to be examined or to have her blood test for her thyroid. Another one who was abandoned in a trailer when her human went to a nursing home and who had been abused by the human's grandson is s l o w l y getting more friendly and will tolerate touching but never try to pick her up as she will scratch and bite and is also very difficult at the vet although she will tolerate the exam. I could never ever pill her for example. The third one who also came to us at 12 and had been in the streets of Camden NJ is sweet and affectionate and you can do anything to him, with him, for him - he just doesn't like the other cats - annoys him that they are in his territory. And I guess that some people don't have the patience that cats who have had a difficult time need - but you do and you are their blessing.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Aw, Angel looks so content! That's one stress free kitty! Now lets hope that over the next few months she becomes curious about what that human is doing and shows some interest in maybe sniffing, then maybe getting a touch, then maybe eventually being pet and cuddled and then eventually after that, being adopted! That's my wish, for a miracle for Angel!
So glad for Zen!! Yay for gifts!
Dear friends, we can help where Chrystal lost a tenth of her business, we can send through paypal and wish list items enough to help cover that. Any bit each of us can send will add up and help care for the kitties! If you can't send something, and even if you can, also please share kitties so great homes like Zen's can be found!

Maria in CT

So happy for Angel, and for you as well, Chrystal. The last thing you need is extra stress in your life! Maybe eventually she will come around; if not, her life is infinitely better now than it was. VERY happy for Zen, but anxiously waiting for the story of Hope.

The Poupounette Gang

We are so pleased for Angel. The next step will be for her to learn to trust you. It will of course happen!

Delighted to read about Zen, but what's the deal with Hope?

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