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Random Felines

wow.....now we are even MORE glad he was caught. we remember when we caught Allie and her kittens and that first moment of watching Bourbon walk around and knowing he NEVER would have survived on his own with his back legs screwed up. sometimes it will make your heart race, but you end up knowing you are making a big difference

Milo and Alfie's mom

Oh my ~ what a frightening experience. So glad this little one was rescued and is OK. Hope he continues to be OK. Thank you for all you do.

Jan x

Liz Garcia

My goodness. What a wild ride. Mine just reading it and yours and family ten times worse living it. But now you have the whole family. You are a wonder...Thank you.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Oh my gosh! Oh thank God! Oh my gosh! Poor little thing! Thank goodness you didn't give up finding him! Thank goodness your parents noticed them in the first place! I'm so glad you got the little thing, but I'm so sorry you've had this huge emotional rollercoaster! Now I'm praying that whatever is wrong can be fixed, and if not fixed, then worked with, and that the right home shows up for him when he's ready to go!
May I suggest auctioning off the naming rights if you haven't named the babies yet??
Friends, you know what I'm going to say! So lets just do it, lets just find homes for Wishers who are ready now!
Lets donate to the care of this wee one if we can!
Lets do what we can from where we are!

Ginny & the fur family

It is a miracle that you caught him before the rains started. He may get better as he gets older. He could have eaten something that scratched his throat. My cat did that. She swallowed a June bug she caught inside the run and hacked and gagged. Some how the legs were scratching all the way down. She is alright now. It took a while. You have had a hard roller coaster ride this last week. Soft food will give him time to get better. We are so glad you caught him. Great work.


The first thing that came to my mind was Megaesophagus.

John Bellen

Wow, what an ordeal, for both the kitten and you. But he is eating now, and he's not afraid to eat, as I thought may be a problem after he nearly choked trying. He was obviously hungry enough to risk choking - and thank goodness the soft food is edible to him. There may be something wrong with his very throat. But he's safe, he's eaten, he has a future, thanks to you and your parents.

Lori Lemon

Oh...I am just so very, very happy & thankful that they are all FINALLY under your watchful eye & care! Doing a happy dance! Prayers for continued health for this little family & when the time is right...homes, homes, homes! Blessings to you & your family for all that you do for them & the others!

Goldie Goodwin

Yep, I thought of Mega E as well. Laurie Cinotto from the blog " the itty bitty kittie committee" has a Mega E cat. She did a lot of things, and documented them on the blog with her foster cat Wylla, who later become her permanent adopted cat. Please reach out to her. She has a wealth of information on this and 2 years later Wylla is cured of Mega E. Some many cats die from this because the owner doesn't understand the disease

Cat's Cats

Poor little lamb!!! What an ordeal you both have been through. Fingers crossed the choking mystery will be solved....thank goodness you caught him!

Ellen Pilch

I guess miracles do really happen. I thought for sure that kitty couldn't have survived out there alone. You have a wonderful family( yourself included) for trying so hard to rescue them all.

Karen Lucas

Oh, my heart, what a story, and what a picture of that little family, all safe and sound with you. Your whole family are angels Chrystal.

Hannah and Lucy

Thank you all for helping that tiny kitten and hope he is soon just a cheeky baby getting into mischief.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Poupounette Gang

Wow! Reading this made me totally out of breath! What an adventure. Hang in there, little kitten!

Maria in CT

Good Lord! Talk about highs and lows! Chrystal, your tenaciousness certainly paid off this time! I cannot imagine the fate of this little sweetheart had you not been so determined to find her. You and your family are unbelievable people, and you make such a difference in the lives of the animals that cross your path. I believe you all have a direct route right to heaven for all your good work!! Thank you for all you do!


Oh gosh, what an emotional roller coaster! We are glad the whole family is safe with you now, Chrystal. Purrs and prayers for all, especially the newest kitten.

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