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The Poupountte

You're at it again, Chrystal!!!

Such great news about Jaws.

Goldie Goodwin

Good news about little Jaws and Pipes. They are good looking boys.
I have a lot of experience with FeLeuk, and it's a horrible disease. Thankfully those days are behind me but I've had some FL+ diagnosed kitties live many years. 5-6 years in some cases. And because she's going to be well taken care of now, I know you (and the shelter) will stay on top of health issues because the secondary problems can turn deadly very quick. It's just amazing that Sweet Pea gave birth to so many kitties with this condition. Time will tell but let's hope they babies can throw off the Feline Leukemia.
I am hoping tomorrow's news is about an Adoption

Ginny & the fur family

We are so happy that Jaws made it through and is back home again. The news about Sweet Pea is bad but I had a cat named Sabrina that had Feline Leukemia and live to be 13 and I never knew she had it until the last few weeks. Years ago no one tested for it unless you ask. So Sweet Pea could live years with the right home. That is so great that you got canned cat food and litter. we all go through that so fast. I can't wait until tomorrow to hear the really good news. What could it be????? I do hope some one will adopt the three amigos together. Jaws and Dora and Violet would make a great addition to a home.

John Bellen

Though Sweet Pea has leukemia, she will live the best life possible, apart from being adopted. She will be safe and cared for, which is better than she would have had otherwise, as you described.

And good for Jaws. Now on with the rest of his life!

Random Felines

while the diagnosis isn't good, we are glad that this shelter will give her a chance...and that she is in the right hands with you to improve for now. and hopefully the kittens can come through and test negative.... SO happy for Jaws! and more kitten food of course :)

Milo and Alfie's mom

Very sad to hear that diagnosis ~ but at least she will be safe and cared for during whatever times she has left. And the little ones stand a wonderful chance. Thank you. x

Lori Lemon

So sorry to hear the sad news about Sweet Pea, but thankful that she is not alone to deal with her babies & with this latest prognosis. Prayers & fingers crossed that her kittens will test negative when the time comes.

Happy dance for Jaws & Pipes! And those wish list gifts...woo hoo! Bet you haven't seen the end of those kitten food deliveries...just saying. Wink. Wink.

Can. Not. Wait. for tomorrow's news! It just has to be an adoption! Excited to hear your REALLY good news!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Yay for Jaws! And that's a great solution for Pipes! Big Yay for all the canned food! (but I'm sure more, and other wish list items, will still needed!)
Feline leukemia isn't the death sentence it used to be, they can live long happy lives with a good human keeping an eye on them, so here's hoping Momma Sweetpea gets adopted to a great home from the shelter and that, please God, none of the kittens test positive!
Chrystal, you are such a brat with the cliffhangers! LOL! But you know we'll be here tomorrow to see what it is, with fingers crossed and hope in our hearts!
Friends, Momma Monday, Pipes, Clover and Pippen are Wishers who we need to help find homes for! Please share these adorable kitties so they can have homes of their own! As well as the kitties on the sidebar who are still waiting! Thank you!

Maria in CT

Poor Sweet Pea, but so fortunate that she is with you, and eventually will go to the Shelter. At least she is safe, comfy, and well fed. Wouldn't we wish that for every kitty in the world? And the kittens...on my goodness, one is cuter than the next!! I LOVE Jaws, and I'm so happy that he is doing well. Chrystal, you are truly a miracle worker!


You might want to consider supplementing your mom kitty with Vit C.

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