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Random Felines

you certainly have to wonder if something just freaked him out of if he really does need a friend in his life. we know that some cats do well alone and some need someone to lean on. either way, we are glad he was given a chance and when that didn't work out he came back....

Cat's Cats

Poor boy, I wonder what happened to make him behave that way?! Sounds to me like the reaction of a cat that is in pain. So sorry it didn't work out but I'm glad he is back with you.

The Poupountte

Who knows, Chrystal? Maybe Slate is one of those cats who has totally bonded to YOU and he needs to stay there to be happy...


I'm sorry this didn't work out, but I'm really glad what Slate is okay and feeling safe again.

ginny & the Fur  Family

Slate wanted to come back home. He loves the home he has right now. He is a keeper. He must stay at Winnies wish because he wants to be with his mother and Chrystal is his human mother. I gave a lot of thought last night about taking animals from their mothers so soon and wondered how the mother and the baby feels. I give things like a lot of thought. How would we humans feel in the same place. That is why God gave us the better brains. We care for these babies with fur. Slate was not happy in his new home so he wanted to go where he knew love.

Goldie Goodwin

He was clearly not ready to leave his home. Some kitties are never ready. His reaction to seeing you again shows that. He may be ready in the future, but just not now. You tried. Something else will work out for one of the other kitties. Glad he's home

Milo and Alfie's mom

So glad he is safely back with you. For whatever reason this beautiful sweet boy didn't like his new home. PURRS. xx

Lori Lemon

As disappointing as it is that that things did not work out for Slate in his new home, there's comfort in knowing that he seems to feel happy & safe just where he's at now...at Winnie's Wish with all of the other rescue kitties. Keeping positive thoughts for more adoptions for the Wishers!

John Bellen

I haven't fostered or adopted many cats compared to some, but I have noticed that there is often an excitement that comes over a cat when he is in a new environment. This is followed by a reaction, often discouragement. I believe this is when the cat realises that he is in a new place to stay. I think it is a kind of home-sickness. I've observed that it lasts only a day or two and the cat starts adjusting thereafter. It may be that Slate was so attached to you, your family and his home with you that once the enthusiasm he felt over a new and different setting wore off, he was terrified of not being home, and didn't care that this new home might be a rewarding one. He may have adapted to his new situation, but it may have taken a toll on Slate and the people there. He clearly feels at home with you.

Meg Telligman

He was so homesick. Bless you for getting him back so quickly. God bless you for all you do for these sweet babies.

Maria in CT

I was reading this blog at work, and it was all I could do not to cry! Poor, sweet Slate. Thank goodness he's home where he's happy and comfortable. I read your comment about shelters AND sanctuaries with interest. I guess all no kill shelters are also sanctuaries where the unadoptables will live out their years. We have several kitties like that at the shelter where I volunteer. Thank God for shelters like yours, Chrystal, and thank God you were so quick to take sweet Slate back. I will follow his story with interest!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

I'm so late today! well, yesterday... Poor Slate! I'm sure his perfect home is still out there. Maybe he just needs a buddy with him and someone will see him and one of his brothers or Fennick and give them a chance! Praying for lots more adoptions over here!!

ginny & the Fur  Family

Just reading Andrea's post and again I think she is right. Maybe Slate has to go with his buddy his blanket and a food dish. Hope some one tries to adopt this beautiful kitty.


Maybe a toddler and the energy of a young family were too much for Slate. Clearly something was! I am glad the family was kind enough to see he was unhappy and to bring him back to you where, in time, he will get a chance at happiness with a family that suits his needs better. He is such a handsome boy!
Don't get too discouraged Chrystal; some times the best things in life are worth waiting for and do eventually materialize ...even and in this case, especially, for a cat! :)

Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo


For whatever reason, that home was just not a fit for Slate. As disappointing as it is, I am happy he is back with you, because right now, it's obviously where he needs to be. Hugs to all.

Karen Lucas

I think when Slate realized that you were not going to be there with him, he kind of went nuts because he had too much loss already in his young life and he needed to be back with you and he and Finnick needed each other. It is what was meant to be. Love trumps everything else.

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