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Random Felines

do you have a "channel" on youtube that we can share?? (like we have one - randomfelines) beyond that it is just getting it out there and letting people know about it....


We are trying to navigate the rocky shoals of self-promotion on Facebook for my bosses' two businesses, so I can relate somewhat to your problem, Chrystal. I hate to suggest that you go back to FB but it's the first hurdle for many of us who are techno-challenged. I'm taking babysteps with more regular postings on the two FB biz pages. That being said: there are several smaller web video services (Vine being one) that you could investigate. Asking folks who have already purchased the book to write an Amazon review is another route. And asking people to LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE is always good. It means more time tethered to your mouse but it's the price we pay for living in the modern age. Sending hugs!

The Poupounette

Sorry not to be able to help on this one as we are not YouTube savvy, but there must be readers who are and who can offer pearls of wisdom. Well done for venturing into this territory, Chrystal!

Karen Lucas

Have no nothing to offer - did not even know there was such a thing as a you tube channel probably because I rarely see a you tube video and then when it if offered on someone's blog or something. Do not feel foolish for not knowing but your brilliant readers will help you figure it out. Do you ever read Bernadette's blog, The Creative Cat? She might know.

Karen Lucas

I went back and looked at her blog and she has a website at http://www.thecreativecat.net I know you don't really have time to read other people's blogs but you would like hers - she's like you. She just took in an old cat, rescued, who only lived a few weeks but knew love, just like you do for your kitties and doggies. Her post today is about Kennedy who has just gone to the bridge - you will see her heart when you read it and I think she might be able to steer you in the right direction. She is in the Pittsburgh area so not close geographically but seems to know what she's doing tech wise. Sorry I can't help.

Marjorie and the team at DashKitten.com

OK this might sound silly but have you looked on YouTube for videos about 'promoting videos'? Maybe not such a silly idea. Just take a breath - do this one step at a time. OK some thoughts.

Basically you need to tell everyone. You need to maximise your social media connections. Launch a Facebook page. Let us know at the DashKitten page and we will spread the word.

Have you thought of approaching a couple of big bloggers with a copy of the book to review?

Do a Blog Post focusing 100% on the book. Tell us about it, add the video to it - introdcue it to us - we are 'new friends who don't know you - how will you describe it to us. Add a couple of images. Be Smiley, happy and proud about your work. THIS MATTERS.

Also search online for 'how to publish or publicise a book' or a phrase like that. You look for FREE information - if they want money MOVE ON. Some sites like Mashable.com might be useful.

Now you can do it - why not try going back to see if you can make another video (and make it better!). Remember if you have a smartphone of any kind you can upload video to YouTube from it and add to a video yourself. You don't need to have 100% video but pictures and video combo might be fun for you to try.

And remember - there is no such thing as can't only Not Learned yet, and I need to try this one step at a time.


Now go for it. You are not a whimp - so take a deep calming breath and get busy - with a SMILE!

Marjorie and the team at DashKitten.com

Forgot to add.

Are you a member of Blogpaws.com community. THis may be a VERY useful place to post about needing advice.

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