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What wonderful news and what wonderful people!!! Yay Spritz :-)

The Poupounette

We are so happy for Spritz, and for you, Chrystal, and for her new Forever Family!

Milo and Alfie's mom

Oh this is so wonderful. I so needed to hear something joyful today after the Boston tragedy. Thank you to Spritz's new family, and Chrystal, and all who helped another Winnie's Wisher get the loving forever home she deserves.

Random Felines

O!M!G! That is so amazing..... the is a special place for people like that willing to work with and adopt the "less than perfect" cats. YEAH!!!!


Another successful story: it's not over yet, of course, but then, it never will be. Spritz will continue to evolve, her character will change over time. But she'll only get better and more comfortable and happier. A pet who is shown by decent people the possibilities she may have if she allows herself will always choose to be loved. There is no unadoptable cat or dog.



Mindy Slimmer

Hip, Hip, Hooray! This is the BESTEST NEWS EVER!!!
I can not wait to see what Andrea writes on your blog today as she has been rooting the hardest for Miss Spritz (the last of Leo's sisters) to find a forever home.
((Warm fuzzies in my Heart))
Bless you Chrystal and all that you do!! Did you realize that Sunday was the one year anniversary/gotcha day for Miss Golden Bug and Mister Percy Paws?!?! Time sure flies when you are having fun with your kitties. :)
Much Love,
Mindy :)

Savannah's Paw Tracks

Yea Spritz!! I have been in my furrever home for 16 mos and I still won't allow being picked up, I struggle, scared, and then bolt when released. I also spent a long time UTB. But I sleep with Mom and Dad every night, now invite brushing and pets and I have learned to play again. I was one year in my rescue shelter, no one wanted me because I hid all the time, even the volunteers though I was unadoptable. Now, just read my blog!! Tell Spritz' guardians to try Spirit of Essences, it is working wonders for me since last Nov. paw pats, Savannah


I'm crying happy tears!! Yay for Spritz and Mitts! You know those two were my favs (probably because they look so much like my Buffy). I am SO happy they found a wonderful home... together! Bless these adopters and YOU for the great work you do!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

YAY!!!!! HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!! Happy dance!!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!! Happy happy happy dance!!!
WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Yippie Yahoo!!

I think you can see that I'm a tiny bit excited, no? MOL! Oh man! You have NO idea how happy I am about this! ok, you probably have some idea.. Leo's last sister is IN A HOME! and is LOVED!!!! And is with Mitts!!!! Oh happy day!
(and I swear to you that if this is one of those days when I can't post a comment to Chrystal's blog I will seriously crawl through my computer, shimmy through the interweb and do my happy dance at Chrystal's, smooch all the kitties on the lips then figure out who to smack for the commenting issues!)

Leo's whole family is happy and HOME now! Can there be anything better????

Well, we could get Frosting and Hershey Bear to California and get the rest of the kitties adopted! And we should share and tweet and email all that info, but we should also celebrate that the shy one has a happy home!

Just think, if it can happen for her, it can happen for all the kitties. Even Tibby Bean! Let's find someone with the patience of these wonderful people for Tibby, know anyone??

Don't forget, donate, adopt, book, brick, adopt! And for heaven's sake, dance!

Lee County Clowder

Way to go, Jnanda and Brent. Kittie purrrrrrrss to you and Spritz from all of us.

Enjoy your furrrever home, Spritz, and keep on getting braver.


Happy tears here. Yay for such wonderful forever paw parents with such patience and love!


Hooray for Jnanda and Brent! Keep working with her. Try playing with her on a daily basis with a wand toy or the red dot. We did that with our Mitalee. She hid alot at the beginning but we played with her and gave her love (like you are doing with Spritz) and now she is THE LOVEBUG of the cottage. She meets everyone who comes here and loves everybody! Truly. It took time but I am here to say it CAN be done.Thanks for taking her. She has a wonderful forever family :)

LP and the critters in the cottage xo


Oh, this makes me so happy that I am crying tears of joy. Seriously. Yay for Spritz, Mitts, and their family. Thank you for being you, Chrystal. What you does matters, and is wonderful and important. Big hugs, dear friend!

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