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Milo and Alfie's mom

I'm so sorry. Poor little Beau. But however short his sweet little life was, he knew comfort and love and play. And like you, I am so grateful this baby didn't suffer ~ playing one evening, gone the next day ~ a least gentle. He looks so adorable though and it tugs my heart strings for the life he could have had, had he survived. Goodnight sweet Beau, may choirs of angels sing you to your rest.
(((((hugs)))) dear Chrystal ~ you are right to always share a death even though it's sad. No one should die with out others caring. *tears*

Hoping dear little Hershey Bear and Frosting get the loving forever life they deserve. xxx

Random Felines

Oh honey - I am so sorry. Having gone through this I know what that means. I will say this - if the kittens are eating on their own, pull them and have them tested. And then insist they retest any positives after 60 days. I was amazed that some of my group tested negative and then some threw it.

Safe journey baby Beau....

Kathy F

I told Older Daughter yesterday that if you can find foster or rescue, I will transport.

This just breaks my heart. LC told me last week. I just cried. I can't imagine your heartbreak. But yes, at least it was fast, little or no suffering.

Play at the bridge, sweet Beau.

Cat's Cats

Poor wee Beau, I'm so sorry!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Aw, poor little thing. Sounds like he was happy until just at the end. I'm glad he had a good little life, if unfortunately very short. Praying for the rest of the litter and Glimmer.

It would be hard for many people to take in a group like Glimmer and her kittens. But would it be so hard to take in one kitty from the cathouse? There are so many sweeties who need a home and family of their own. Can you help? Can you take one? Can you see if your friends or family can? Will you help in whatever way you can?

Adopt! Donate! Book! Brick! and Adopt!

The Island Cats

We are sorry to hear about Beau. Purrs to you for caring about him so much.

And we are SO happy that Hershey Bear and Frosting are FINALLY on their way to their furever home! YAY!

The Paw Relations

We're sorry for your loss


Poor little baby. I am sorry for your loss.

I am also very glad that Hershey and Frosting are on their way home.

McGuffy Ann Morris

I am so sorry. This is the heartbreak of what we do, that we are limited. I always give each one to God. You always give each one all that you can. Bless you for it. They know love and they take that with them, wherever they go, to the Bridge or their "Furever Home". Peace!

ginny&the fur family

Good bye dear Beau-you were happy and playing with your mother and siblings until the end. Glimmer is such a beauty and such a good mother. I always wonder if the mothers miss their kittens gone from adoption or death -I do hope some of the other kittens in her litter are alright. She would make someone a sweet only cat. The little prince did not suffer long - that is Gods blessing on the little one. Trying to make sense of the animal world of strays boggles the mind. All we can do is do all we can.. let us know how all the others test. My Tuxedo cat Sabrina lived 12 years with hidden HIV& fatty liver illness and one day she was just laying around where the day before she showed no signs of any thing.. She died at home and so far none of my other cats have come down with anything but old age. Feline Leukemia is not always a death sentence. Prayers for all the other mothers and kittens and most of all for Glimmer. So happy that Hershey Bear and Frosting got a ride to their new home.... love is forever even after death..... Ginny & The Fur Family

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