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Fuzzy Tales

Such a happy post, I can't even express how thrilled I am.

I've been lurking, scanning posts as time permits, but had seen that Mitts' first forever home was anything but. Looks like she struck gold this time, and yes, a real Christmas miracle! :-)

Peace and Blessings to you all, Chrystal.

Liz Garcia

I've been waiting for this ending for Mitts..Yea!! Am so pleased for Mitts and for you too knowing how much they all mean to you personally.

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

Oh joy! You have made my day. Thank you so much for making it possible for Mitts to have the loving home she so deserves. You guys rock! Blessings. xx

Random Felines

OMG!!! That is so awesome.....I have happy tears!!! Yeah for Mitts and her new family!!

ginny& the fur family

I am sitting here posting with tears running down my face. We who follow this blog know all about the story of Mitts and her near death and you all brought her back from deaths door. I have litterly praying for someone out there to come to Mitts rescue with a forever loving home and now she has the perfect home for life. Joy to all in this unfolding story of love rescue and letting go. It is so hard to let go of a baby that has lived with you for months. Bless Chrystal for saving Mitts twice and now for pushing back her tears and sending Mitts off to her new life with blessings for the future.... Joy to the world - Ginny & The Fur Family

The Poupounette

YAY!!!!! We are so, SO delighted, both for Mitts and for you, Chrystal! It looks like she will have a wonderful home with her forever family!


Hurrah for Mitts! It seems like the right home was waiting for her; you traded a temporary dose of disappointment for a permanent happiness about her. A happy Christmas for Mitts.

Mindy Slimmer

One word....Woohoo!
Much Love,
Mindy :)

Cat's Cats

A miracle indeed :-) How wonderful for Mitts!!!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

This post needed a tissue warning! I had to scramble to find my box! I am so beyond happy! I'm excited that a cathouse cat has been chosen, I'm over the moon that one of Leo's sisters now has a home and I'm bursting all over because it was Mitts!!! With all that girl has been through, she deserved a happy ending! (The only thing that would make this better would be if her new mommy and daddy would start a blog!) Dance party!!!

That's one down people! And the rest of the cathouse to empty! Let's keep this going and Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Christmas!

We need adoptions! Don't forget books! Don't forget the fundraiser! Don't forget to share!!!!

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

This is wonderful!!! I am so so so happy!! I was praying that something like this would happen for Mitts!! YAY!!! Let's Clear the Cathouse by Christmas!!

Colehaus Cats

Yippee! So happy for Mitts and her angel! Purrs...

The Florida Furkids

What a wonderful Christmas Miracle for Mitts and for you!!

The Florida Furkids


This IS the season of Joy, for sure! I am here crying away, but they are happy, happy tears. Mitts deserves all the love and happiness her family will shower on her for many, many years to come! And no doubt she will return that love and happiness in kind!

Lana G.

Oh, my Mitts got a forever home! I'm sorta sad on one hand but SO THRILLED on the other. Rock on, Mittsy. I'm sad you won't be part of my family someday, but over the moon that you have found the most perfect home for your sweet self. Yay, Christmas miracles!

Rebecca Hamilton

How wonderful!! So glad Mitts got a good home! Wonder what your story is? :-)


Tears of joy. Honestly! I'm so happy for Mitts and her new family. Thank you, Chrystal, for never giving up hope. What a wonderful Christmas miracle!

Jnanda McAlpin

I am the new mommy of mitts!! I just wanna say thank you for all the sweet kind comments all of you have left for her! She is truely loved by so many of you! I just wanna let all of you know she is doing GREAT in her new forever home! I never thought I would be as happy with a new baby as I was with my old one of 19 years. When I lost her this past January I told myself I could never have another cause I get way to attached. But after talking it over with my fiance we started looking. When I saw mitts's pic the words out of my mouth were, "I love her already!" After talking to Chrystal for a few days we made the plans to get her. She has been a blessing since she took her first steps into our lives!! We love her so much and I couldnt ask for a better baby! Thank you to Chrystal and all of you for your prayers and love until we found her! She is loving her new home more and more every day!! I hope all her kitties find forever homes like ours, full of love!! Meery Christmas to all of you!

Patti Mitchell

Love the above post! Thank you to Mitts new mom (and dad)! And obviously thanks to you, Chrystal, for all you do!

Patti in KY

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