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Cat's Cats

It's a blow for sure Chrystal, poor Mitts :-(

ginny&the fur family

MANY MANY prayers for Mitts to have a home by Christmas and Circe to get her home - I am reading this early in the morning. I do hope you get to feeling much better. Things can sure get a person down at the Holidays because that is a time we are supposed to feel up and good. Most of the time that is the time we get a bad cold or the flu. Mitts is a pretty little girl. Such a sweet face - won't some one out there find a place in your heart for Mitts so she will have a home by Christmas. God will love you for that. God loves all people and furries. Please Chrystal- rest and get well soon. - Ginny & The Family

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

::HUGE HUGS!!!:: I'm so so sorry!! I know how devastating it is for you to expect a sweet deserving baby to get a home and then have it not happen. Maybe someone will read this and realize how wonderful Mitts is!! I'm praying that Circe's adoption goes through smoothly!!

Random Felines

Oh honey - I am SO sorry. Fingers crossed for Circe. And know that Mitts may have been close, but there is something better for her out there. We just have to have faith. I completely know where you are coming from....I have had many applications for cats here through the rescue get so close and them implode for some reason. All we can do is hold on, know the cats are safe with us, and move forward looking for that home to come along. Get some rest and kiss a kitten. :)

Goldie Goodwin

I am so sorry to hear about Mitts. Something will work out. Prayers that the adoption with Circe does come through! Take is easy and rest. Things always look worse when we aren't feeling physically well.


That is a bitter blow indeed. I know a little of what you are feeling. Luther, a cat I fostered for a while, had someone interested in him. He's a tough one because as loveable as he is - and he's a true sweetie! - he can't live with other cats. Anyone reading this will know how hard it is to find a cat-fancier who doesn't already have at least one. Luther was chosen, things were arranged, then the woman backed out. She had a 'feeling' that Luther would bite her grandchildren. He's never bit anyone, not even the cats he's fought with. The woman hadn't met Luther yet and she had a 'feeling'.

Disappointment is a sickening emotion. Almost to have something and then have it snatched away is painful. I wish Circe good luck and hope that her Christmas will be in a new and loving home.

The Poupounette

We so feel your disappointment. Damn woman! Sorry about the language, but REALLY!

Look after yourself, Chrystal. You need to be well again.


Disappointing, indeed. I'm so sorry to hear that this adoption did not work out for Mitts. But we have our fingers and paws crossed that this is merely a bump in the road, and that his real forever home is just ahead. We are purring and praying that Circe's adoption happens. That would be grand.

Get better soon, dear friend.


Mindy Slimmer

As long as Mitts was not told, then I think we are okay. :) I'm having a bummer of a day reading about the "almost adoption" and wish people would commit but then again, maybe its better that what happened did than Mitts coming back again because of non-serious adopter.
Much Love,

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Oh Chrystal, that flu seems to have a strangle hold on you! Many many prayers that you get better soon!! Poor Mitts, I wish it had worked out for her. She's so cute and those extra toes are just adorable! Someone will have to fall in love with her soon!
We're praying that Circe's adoption goes through all the way this time! That girl has been waiting long enough!
We've got our fingers and toes and eyes crossed that this works out!

People, we need to work hard to help these kitties get their homes! They're so wonderful, so sweet, so deserving! (And Chrystal could use a little pick me up too!) We just have to keep spreading the word! Please do what you can!

Don't forget! Adoptions! Books! Fundraiser! Adoptions! Donations! Tell your friends! Share! Tweet! Adoptions!!

Rebecca Hamilton

I am the second person she is taking About and I guarantee Circe, Glitter and, Cashmere will be coming to their forever home on the 15th. We are so exited to have them. Last year my cat, best friend Casper passed away at the age of 20 and I miss him and miss having a cat. I'm a cat person. I started out interested in just Circe, then saw Glitter and decided we wanted her too. Then my husband fell in love with Cashmere. So we are getting all 3. Chrystal is such a wonderful person and a pleasure to talk to. I am excited to bring these 3 beauties home and meet her . So don't fear 3 girls will be getting some humans to love them she their own home very soon.

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

Sending you huge purrs and hugs. We're sorry things don't always work out the way we all hope they will ~ but have faith, these sweet cats will find their loving forever home in time. Thank you for loving them all so much. xxx

Glogirly and Katie

I'm so sorry...I can feel your deep disappointment. Maybe there are other reasons at work, we can never know. Sending purrs and prayers for both Mitts and Circe.

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