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Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

Frosting is a beautiful cat and I so hope she finds a loving home. xx


I have a cat that does something similar - we call them "love nibbles". He has never broken the skin or drawn blood, so we don't call them bites. (Especially when we could contrast his gentle nibbles with a cat who used to get too excited sometimes and sink her teeth into your hand up to the gumlines! Absolutely no comparison.)

Random Felines

what?? there is something wrong with the love bites?? don't tell mom - cause that Bourbon boy is a nibbler too.... :)

ginny& the Fur Family

My black kitty -Big face alis Lap cat or LP nibbles at you if you don't let him set on your lap or pet him on your stomach. He is a great cat. we have had him for 12 years - he is getting slower and older but still the sweet lap cat of our house. He sets on husbands lap in the computer room every night. He loves his daddy. Frosting will be the same way. Forever loving and loyal and may nibble but not draw blood. If a person wants a forever companion adopt Frosting. You will not ever be sorry. Shout out for adoption for Frosting -Ginny & The Fur Family

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Aw, those kind of love nibbles are cute, and yes, I think they do lessen as a kitty grows older, especially if they're getting the daily requirement of human lovin', MOL! But some kitties need to mouth things and people, it's like claiming them. What a sweet pretty girl Frosting is! Her adoption photo on the side doesnt show off her beautiful markings like these pictures do! So sleek and gorgeous! Who wouldn't love some calico love! Or is that torbie because she's got stripes? Either way, she's lovely!
Yes, please, lets find her a home quick!

Oh boy, it's brick time too!! I'm really thinking about what my next one will say, are you??
Books! Holidays are coming, what a great gift!
Donations! Look at how many kitties need to be fed every single day! Not to mention litter... help if you can!

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

We must admit it! StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty, who is the eldest black cat of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde is also a love biter!! We can also tell you that a Winnie's Wish Kitty is the BEST!! Our youngest black cat, Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher is a Winnie's Wish Kitty!! It was absolutely wonderful meeting up with Chrystal at the KY border and picking her up! It took awhile for her to become comfortable with the rest of the Horde and she's just now really really adapting completely but I knew that going in.

BTW Chrystal? Guess what?! Today Audrey ate treats with... ::drum roll:: Knives on her left, Star on her right, Rose in front, Thomas behind her and she didn't squirm out until Zaphy came squeezing in between her & Star!!! YAY!!!!


Frosting sounds delightful, and we hope and pray that someone will adopt her soon. We bet there's someone out there who loves getting love bites!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Psst, we gave you an award!

ginny & the fur family

I was out to Tractor Supply today and saw the notice for The Book - Daily dose, that I took out there on the bulletin board. It is located back by the restrooms where both men and women can see it, and there is a lot of farm notices on the board so people stop to read the notices. I always get so happy when I see the book advertised.They are having a sale that is the best I have seen on Purena cat chow 11.99. They have 40 lbs of Tidy cat for 4.99. I have bought two 40 lbs this week. I love to go there and catch their sales. I do hope someone out there will consider adopting frosting. That would be a very good thing for a person wanting a new furry. I found some paw med for bone strength for aging kitties like mine, and some calming med for the paw. My cat Hansel alis Boy, roams the house talking all night. JUST A STRIP ABOUT ONE INCH LONG ON A FOOT AND THEY LICK IT OFF. IT MUST TASTE PRETTY GOOD BECAUSE THEY ALL LICK IT OFF.... HAVE A GOOD NIGHT.GINNY & The fur family

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