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Ginger Jasper

I cried at this. The poor little one sure does deserve all the love and care you will give him. How did he survive so long and where has he been. The important thing is that he is now safe and will be looked after. Thank you for what you do.. Hugs GJ xx

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

Oh Chrystal ~ thank God you found this dog ~ your family of all families will ensure he gets the love and treatment he deserves. I can never thank you enough. Maybe the little angel from the garbage heap sent him your way ~ it was too late for him to be saved but maybe he knew you could help Gandy and make his final days more comfortable. xxx

Kate at Firstchapter


The Poupounette

What a story! We are so very happy to hear that Gandy is now in your safe and loving hands!

Khyra's Mom

Yes, they ALL do -

Thanks for making the best days of his life THE BEST DAYS!

Random Felines

YEAH for Gandy!!! That boy has no idea how good it is about to get for him. It may have taken time, but he is now safe and so lucky to have crossed your path. :)

Madeline Runion

What a awesome story, I cried and was filled with
overwhelming happiness at the same time.
I am so happy for Gandy.
This is what you were put on this earth for .
Just wish God would lend you a hand in selling tons
of your books so you could keep up the awesome work
you do and bring you lots of adoptions.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Oh that poor old boy! You can only imagine what he's been through! But look at that smile, he already knows he's fallen into clover! He's where he'll be loved and cared for! He will not end his days alone, unloved, and miserable!
Thank you Chrystal! Thank you daughters! Thank you for caring for that baby! Old baby, but baby none the less!

People, now we really need to ramp up the book sales help, the adoption help, and the donation help! This baby, along with all the cat house babies, are going to need it! Every cat adopted is not only space for the next, but less expense until their spot is taken. Every book sold is 4 dollars toward those kitties and that doggie. Every donation is medicine, food, shelter, vet visits and whatever else they need. Please help in anyway you can!

Cat's Cats

Gandy is in good hands now!!!

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

You can see in his face that he knows he's safe and loved now. THIS is why I look up to you so much.


That poor fellow barely looked like a dog in some of the pictures; it's fitting that he was named after a character from a fantasy book, since he resembles a strange beast. But now he's on his way back to being a dog again. The night after you first treated him was probably the first night he slept feeling safe in months, if not years. Whether he has a short time left or long, he'll be taken care of, and he'll know it. Well done.

GINNY & the Fur  Family

I had to wait till I Quit crying to post. Gandy has a wonderful old sweet face. I am so glad he survived - his pain will soon be so much better. JUST GETTING THE FLEES AND MANGE OFF HIM WILL MAKE HIM FEEL BETTER- food and water and lots of love will work wonders. Bless his sweet innocent soul. I ask my self why - why - why - did some one drop him because he was old and would need care? Did someone once love him and he chased a rabbit and got lost or got frightened in a thunder storm and just kept running? He doesn't look like he has been beaten. Maybe he has scars and we just can't see them. Now he is safe and loved - he may not be young, but he is a baby to all us out here, and we all love him, and pray for him to live a few more years in bliss..and clover and a hand to stroke him body and family to say - "I love you Gandy".Please donate to Gandy -his vet bills will be big... best to all - Ginny & The Fur Family

Sweet Purrfections

We continue to be amazed by the love and car your family gives to the animals in need.

Sweet Purrfections

We meant to say "care"

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