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Random Felines

yeah for house panthers (though when we posted about these kitties we had to include Mickey Mouse too...MOL). we are purrin' with our paws crossed for adoptions.

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

What a beautiful celebratory post. I love black cats and was lucky enough to share my life with two (way back when I was in my thirties). They were birth siblings, Merak a boy, Khamsin a girl. I adored them both.
Love and luck to your black kitties needing forever home. xxx

Kate at Firstchapter

I've had several black cats and have found them to be very loving rascals. My extended family has also welcomed black cats, who for some reason end up being very BIG. Eb(ebony) would do tricks and weighed in at about 20 pounds. Bubba was found when my brother almost mowed over him in the yard. He was teeny tiny and would nestle in my brother's neck and suck on his ear. Now he too is huge, and having hip problems, but still nestled up against someone. We love our black cats!


What an extra special day, especially with it being the anniversary of Winnie's Wish. We love that it all ties together ... the anniversary, all the beautiful house panthers who have been adopted from you, and Hershey Bear and Maverick looking for forever homes. C'mon, everybody ... let's help find Chrystal find these kits forever homes today! :)

Mindy Slimmer

My heart cat Mo was a black cat with a bit of white on his chest and his "brother" Bo..."the twins" as we called them...close in age but not of the same birthing parents...was also a black cat and a lover. My first cat named Smokey Joe was also black. Socks is Black and White. It seems odd not to have more black cats in my house and see myself surrounded by orange and calico. :) Someday...again...I will be in a household loaded with black fur. :) At least I still have Mimi, my black pug. :)
Much Love,

Cat's Cats

Black cats are fantastic!!! My gosh Maverick could be Kips brother no? Right down to the tiny white spot on his chest they are very similar!!! Thank you for telling me about Black Cat Day Chrystal, I've done a post too :-)

Mindy Slimmer

Oh...and Chrystal...I had no idea this was the anniversary for Winnie and yet here I am on my blog giving a way one of your books with Winnie on the cover to the lucky guesser of my dad's cat Jack's weight. MOL (as the cats would say)! Perfect timing. God has his ways...
Much Love,
Mindy :)

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

We adore our Audrey and would love to adopt another Winnie's Wish kitty but, check out our blog to see why that wouldn't be feasible!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

I can't believer it's been two years for Winnie's Wish! Wow! But then, my darling Leo is going to be 2 at the end of the month, and he was a Winnie's Wish kitty!

Leo and I will be doing something very special for his birthday, starting the day after I believe... and Winnie's Wish is involved!

Yes please! Put one of those black kitties in your home!! Oh boy are they looking forward to their very own forever home and family! (The other kitties are looking too, just in case the black ones are gone before you get a chance to get one...)

Remember, help any way you can! Adopt, donate, buy a book, SHARE!

Ginny & the Fur Family

I lost the first post to the winds so here goes again - Andrea is a true believer and is telling the streight of it - Adopt a cat black or any color and buy this great book - Happy anniversary to Winnies wish for winnies room and all the chain of events her dear little life brought about. I have 5 black cats- love them all and all are getting older. They are very good luck and bring good karma. For luck and love adopt a black kittie or any other color. Chrystal will see that you get it where ever you are. love all the black cat stories by every one. HELP The KITTIES TO FIND FOREVER LOVING HOMES... the walk way looks so nice. Ginny & The Fur Family

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

PS Happy Anniversary to Winnie's Wish!! We almost asked to adopt both Handsome and Bagheera!! Now someone snap up Hershey Bear & Maverick!! (I've already told a Facebook friend he needs one of them!)

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