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Fuzzy Tales

We'll be keeping our paws crossed that she does adjust well, Chrystal, and is able to remain in her new home forever--and happily.

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

Such heartwarming news. Be happy sweet Halo, you deserve it. xx


Oh, this makes us so happy! Congratulations to Halo and her new forever family. :)

The Poupountte

We are crossing all of our paws, plus some hooves and feet, that Halo will blossom in her new home. I have the oddest feeling that many animals simply know when they have been choses and that is what determines where they go next. To give you a totally unrelated example. you should see the difference between my colt, Vidock and his half-brother Viking. They were brought up together and are still together much of the time, but everyone who see them says you can see in Vidock's eye that he has a forever home and someone who loves him and him alone. Viking has remained a lot rougher and wilder...

Random Felines

OMC - that is SO AMAZING!!! I often say, there is a family out there for every animal - sometimes it just takes longer - and happens when we lease expect it. :) Concats to Halo and her new family - can't wait for the updates.

Mindy Slimmer

I remember visiting your cathouse and how Halo would shoot through the cat doors on both sides if we entered either of the rooms. I was wondering how the family was able to "get her" and you eased my fears when you showed the cage in your office was set up for her to be picked up there. That was an excellent idea and also so Frosting did not get a chance to be sad about being passed over. As far as Frosting knows, Halo is just getting a little TLC. Hopefully, Frosting will be the next to find a home and quick. She is such a little love bug and her chin nibbles aren't that bad at all. :) So happy Halo has a home...was worried that along with Spritz she would be considered "unadoptable" due to her timidity. Glad that such a good family has her as their own family member. I just know it will work out. :)
God Bless,
Mindy :)
PS: To be on the positive side, you might move Halo over to the adopted side of your sidebar when you get the time. I find that positive actions lead to positive results. :)

Cat's Cats

Hooray for Julie and her family for taking a chance on sweet Halo. We are just certain she will come out of her shell with such a patient family to love and guide her. My gosh she looks sooo much like Jimmy :-)

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

Squeeeee!!! We're so excited!! It happens when it happens, just like Audrey (nee Sparkles)! ::grin:: I have no clue where she is at the moment, probably in the living room or kitchen since her arch-nemesis Knives has taken over my bedroom window perch for the last few days. She's made up for it by getting extra pettings from me and hopping up on the bed a lot at night. Jen has had girlfriends staying with her over the last couple of months and Audrey has been taking advantage of that as well. The kids are looking forward to her 2nd birthday tomorrow. I have a good feeling about Halo being in just the right place. It seems to happen with Winnie's Wish kitties!

Ginny & The F'ur Family

God bless J. It is a kind and wonderful thing she and her family have done. Halo is so pretty and yet she has been so scared. That cage idea is right on the mark - cats are so curious and she will soon be wanting to get out to see more of her new world and with the cage there she can run back in when it overwhelms her and she need solitude. It is a bright and sunny day here in Fur A Way land now that we know another furry has a loving forever home. Ginny & The Fur Family


I hope Halo does well in her new home.

I wouldn't say that any cat or dog is unadoptable. Some simply need more work, more attention, more time, more adjustment. There were two cats with the rescue group with which I volunteer. Both had litter-box issues. Actually, they wet all over, and they needed special diets. One was Jojo. He was seen on a website by a woman who had a cat older but identical to Jojo. The woman had found good homes for all the kittens her cat had had (she was pregnant before adoption), and kept track of them - except for one. When she read Jojo's story, she became convinced he was the long-lost kitten. He was adopted and has not had a problem with either the 'mom' cat or the litter-box. The other cat was Monty (now Oscar). He too wet everywhere but is the warmest, friendliest of animals. He too was adopted and has not had a problem.

These cats were thought of as unadoptable. None is, really. They just need the right person. Some will be scared off by the extra trouble involved; that is not a reflection on the people. They will find the right pets for themselves. But there are people for the cats no one else wants. It may take a life-time. There was an old-timer, seventeen years of age, with an eye missing; she was adopted almost a year ago, and is prospering.

I ramble, but it's to illustrate my point: every dog or cat has a place, each has a home waiting. It's just a matter of finding it.


how absolutely wonderful!

Random Felines

OMG - I am such a dork. I read this whole post this morning and never put it together. Then I just saw a marker to it on Celestial Kitties's blog, smiled when I thought of Halo and the light when on...what do angels have? Halo (shaking my head....) :)


Halo is getting a chance at a forever home - that is a miracle. Surrounding her and J's famil with loving light.

Cats of wildcat woods

Colehaus Cats

How wonderful! We're pulling for you, Halo!

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