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Random Felines

I have another idea - email http://www.catsparella.com/ - I did to ask her just a dumb question about her website and she was WONDERFUL. She has quite the audience as well.

Ginny & The F'ur Family

This is a great idea. I would love to write letters and send e-mails to famous people in fact I am going to print out the .coms you listed and or write a letter. Every one loves animals who is going to benefit by reading what you want to do with the kennel. Wonderful Idea. I will mention names can we give out your e mail address? let us know. Your book has your physical address listed and what you do ... sell books - buy books and the answer will come ... Ginny & The Fur FAmily

candace nagle

Also you might want to give a copy of your book to Ingrid at http://consciouscat.net/ She does book reviews on her site quite often. Another celebrity to contact would be Doris Day http://ddaf.org/dd/
Doris Day gave a grant to Muttville in S.F for their rescue of elderly dogs http://www.belladogmagazine.com/humane-hearts/746-doris-day-animal-foundation-provides-grant-to-muttville-senior-dog-rescue-of-san-francisco-for-their-work-in-rescuing-senior-dogs

I will keep thinking and dreaming with you! Candace

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

That's a great idea! They're bound to take notice if a bunch of people send them the same message! Or even the book itself. Anyone got a few extra dollars to buy the book and send it to a celebrity listed there? That would do two things, get the book in their hands and give Chrystal the profits! (I'm vet billed out at the moment, or I would jump on this for at least one book) Or maybe we can pool together for a few books? Think about it, lets see what we can do.

While you're thinking about spreading the word, if you are on facebook, when Chrystal posts about kitties needing homes or her daily post, hit share, then all your friends get the message. Add a note asking your friends to share it, even if only one or two do, that's another group of people who see.

Oh! And think about homes for those kitties! Oh! And donate if you can! Oh! If you don't already have a book, please buy one! Oh! I love you guys too! :D


Chrystal, how would you feel about being nominated for CNN Heroes?

Ginny & The F'ur Family

I sent a long letter to Ohrah and one to Rachael Ray and also e- mails - I figure someone out there must read their letters and e-mails for them - I am sure they don't have time to go through all the comments word by word but yet just maybe they will - tomorrow I go on down the list - great idea and Andrea is right about getting the book actually in their hands - I told them how to buy the book at both places and that is trusting they will or at least get a copy - If only we knew an address where they would see a book if one was sent. - keep working gang - the Force be with you ... Ginny & The Fur Family

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

Of COURSE I'm on the bandwagon!! Not only that but I'm reposting your post on my facebook so that my friends will join in! This needs to happen! You have the VERY BEST rescues in the world and I feel so very lucky and honored to have one of your cats!!

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

Cat's Cats

Big dreams can come true!!!

Ginny & The F'ur Family

HAPPY FRIDAY 13 th to all. I just sent an email to the Doris Day animal foundation and also a letter to her California address asking for a mention or Chrystals book in her news letters and asking if she could be put in the running for a grant to help save the homeless animals - Me and thousands of others- but Hey! our chances are as good as any and better than most because we have a genuine star rescuer and book Author behind our inquires. keep up the march to victory - we must not give up the good fight for book sales that make money to save more furies . love to all and have a good night -- Ginny & The Fur Family

Ginny & The F'ur Family

Found a place on Ellens web site for the show to leave a message or comment for Ellen's show. I do think she will get it or some of her loyal staff will read it. Portia her wife or other half loves dogs and that is where Ellen gets a lot of feed back about animals. Sunday is damp and humid here in Fur a Way land but the farmers sure need the rain. Happy Sunday and keep writing and e- mailing,twittering and face booking and some where some one will put our promotion of the book on the air.... Prayers for that cause... Ginny & The Fur family


Have you talked to bookshops in your district? They may be receptive to spotlighting a local author, especially one dedicated to helping animals. People may be interested in a writer who come from their area.

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