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Random Felines

Purrs for all of you. Glad the packages arrived!!! I am SO thrilled to hear about Hershey - and especially Buddy! It is good to hear the great things when some things aren't going well - it help to retain the balance. :)

Mindy Slimmer

Cannot wait for the blogaversary fun!!


So sorry about the loss of the kittens, but sometimes we have to trust that nature is saving them from further suffering by taking them so early. The failure to thrive business is very hard for us to grasp, we fight against it with all that we have.

Fuzzy Tales

Pretty Paris--hope her babies do thrive, Chrystal.

No, you can do everything possible, but some little lives just aren't meant to be.

But as someone reminded me this week, via an Einstein quote, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just IS. So those tiny babies, well, their energy might become new kittens, or part of a new star or a tree...who knows. :-)

We'll pop in for the Blogoversary!

P.S. Note URL change for our blog, even though I'm still not blogging often. New url is http://keas-fuzzy-tales.blogspot.com

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

Send purrs and hoping all the rest of those babies survive. So sad to have lost two before thy had a chance to live and love.
Wonderful news about the adoptions. :)

Will be back Sunday! xx

ginny& the Fur Family

So sorry to hear about the loss of the two tabbys. Paris looks so sweet nursing her kitts. It is always sad to lose lives,but as you wrote some may have internal problems.Here at the fur family home we love to see kittens that grab on and nurse right away. Mothers milk is best for them. They are all so beautiful. looking forward to the Sunday post and the blogoversary. Cheers for Virginia and her gang that is so nice to get a great package of gifts. Please adopt from Chrystal she has the best nicest furries available.. Ginny & The Fur Family - Sun shine here looks great after the rains of yeasteday.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Aw, I'm sorry about the kittens. Failure to thrive is no fun.. I know you all did everything possible, it was just not meant to be. Sending purrs and prayers for the rest of the kittens.
All of them, wow! Babies, Accidents, and Packages! It's a kitten-fest!
Great news about the shelter adoptions!
Oooo more bricks! I gotta think now..

Adoptions, now that's something I can get behind! We need those cat house cats to have their happy ending, they forever home, their forever family! We've got to share this with EVERYONE!

Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

I'm so sorry about the babies who didn't make it, bless their little souls. Thank heavens they were able to spend their short little lives with you! How wonderful about the adoptions and new baby packages. What a colorful lot they are.

See you on Sunday to celebrate!!!


We're very sorry to hear the two tabbies didn't make it, and are purring and praying for the rest of the babies to survive and thrive. Thank you for sharing all of the good adoption news; it DID lift our spirits.

Looking forward to Sunday and Monday! :)

ginny& the Fur Family

Wonderful news about Buddy getting a new home. We here ar the Fur Family home in Fur a Way land wish him a loving long life with his new family. You did a kind and gererous act of love. Cheers for you from us. Got one of my porch strays spayed and shots and flea treatment- poor cat was so frightened it went wild in the Vets office cclimbed the walls and the window blinds- but we all caught it and I kept it in a carrier for three yellowing howeling days with it spitting at us but we managed to get it fed an watered. I just realeased it this morning to its much better fate. I now know she -" Ivy" - will not produce any more kittens with no chance of a home. She will spend her days on my front porch in the kittie house with food and water and be as happy as a feral - who wants to remain free- can be. I love her for what she is. You can love a feral cat though you will never be able to pet her- you can say to her - I love you forever. Ginny & The fur Family - one down and one more female to go - wish me luck

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Happy Blogoversary. This will be our only chance to pop in today as Mommy is helping with an adoption event for the local animal shelter.

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