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Random Felines

What aa wonderful tribute - to some great cats and some very great animal people!!

ginny& the Fur Family

I love Kevin's tribute to his dear wife and their beloved pets who have crossed over. This is a story of true love for his wife Tracy and the furry ones who loved them and that they loveed. The brick looks wonderful. A solid monument for others to read, and now we all out here in blog land will remember the sweet souls who were so capable of giving comfort and love to their human mom and dad and all the other pet around them. Love never dies. Love is always alive as long as we remember. Anyone who reads this post will have a tear in their eyes and joy in their hearts for Keven and Tracy for being the good people they are to devote their lives to the furries. Animals have no voice of their own - their heart and actions is their voice. If the kitties -Bitsy, Graphite ,lady M and Maggie could reach us from beyond the bridge they would say- "Well done kevin and Tracy - we still love you and as your brick says - we are forever loved. Keep up the good work you do with so much love." I went over to kevins blog and read about the beautiful kitties up for adoption. Now all those furry ones have a chance of loving forever homes because some great people care so much. Warm Wishes to you - Ginny & The Fur Family

pam graves

Now that really brings tears to my eyes. Such special people with very special babies. How much it must have hurt to lose them! But I know that just as with my Angels, they are never really gone and the bricks help to further that feeling!

The Poupounette Gang

A beautiful story! And yes, we're all ready with our order!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Oh that is so sweet!! What a great present! What a sweet couple and what sweet kitties!
Wow, now that is one wonderful brick story and I'm betting there arent many dry eyes reading that.

Ok, bricks! Let's all be brick salesmen for Chrystal! Let's make sure she gets so many brick orders that she has to make an outside row down both sides of the path! Let's make sure we remember why she's selling these bricks. Rescuing kitties and doggies takes a lot of money and I'm pretty sure Chrystal and her family are not independently wealthy.

Donations of any size would help if you can't get a brick. Going in on bricks with other people might help you help her.

Every brick helps the cat house cats. But that's not all we can do. We can find great homes for kitties so they can have wonderful forever homes like the kitties in today's brick story had!

Please help in any way you can!!

ginny& the Fur Family

I spelled Tracie's name wrong - so sorry - my daughter was named Tracy and she is gone now. Force of habit I just spelled it the same way - Andrea has the right idea - any donation will help in the rescue of the furries- Bricks are great I love them but for those who care and can't buy a brick - any amount will help - bless you Andrea. You are a true friend of the furries... Ginny & The Fur Family


Thank you for posting our brick story, Chrystal! We are so honored to be your friends, and to be able to be a part of the wonderful and important work you are doing.

With much love,

Kevin, Tracey, Sammy and Moosey

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

This tribute is so moving and so full of love. What lucky cats to be so loved forever. And what lucky cat-parents to share their lives with such wonderful intuitive and adorable cats.

Rescue Rocks. xx

Cat's Cats

We love Kevin and Tracey and the great volunteer work they do!!!!

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