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Cat's Cats

I can completely relate to what you were feeling on Thursday night, sometimes I too have to stop and marvel at how lucky I am to have such amazing cats in my life!!! That is a lovely picture of Jennifer's cat family. Such sad news about the kittens who died, I wonder why those things happen but I suppose it is nature taking it's course.

candace nagle

I can completely relate to your feeling of blessedness. Yesterday morning I woke up to Daisy on my stomach, Frankie on my grand daughter's back and Jasper sprawled sleeping between us. Nothing could be more restful or cozy than a bed full of cats and kids.

Random Felines

I know what you mean - it is something to walk through a peaceful house and just see everyone passed out and comfortable. Makes me stop to realize that the weird stuff isn't as bad as I sometimes think it is.

Love that runty boy - he reminds me of our Lychee - tiny but a fighter. I supplemented him and while he was still tinier than his siblings, he made it. I have all my fingers crossed.

While loss is sometimes inevitable and it SUCKS, it helps to get fantastic adoption updates.... again it makes you realize that all the hard work and heart break is worth it. Monkey and Charms (and many others) have a wonderful home because YOU gave them a chance. Love ya!!!


So glad Beatrice came back negative. My next brick will be dedicated to my Leukemia positive cat and her single kitten.

ginny& the Fur Family

So sorry about the loss of the kittens. I get the sad feeling that sometimes nature just takes its own way with animals no matter how hard we try to save them - survival of the fittest may be true. I hope dear mitts gets a wonderful home. I have the same feeling that you described as I walk through the house and check cats at night. All mine are aging. They start to get thinner or fatter. I am doctoring some one all the time - ears or flees or congestion and I still think all the love is worth all the time and effort. Love out weighs it all. The wild stray I caught and had spayed is gone. I know it was fine when I let it out. I saw it once after that and have not seen it again. Now I am t hoping it just left. It was so wild that I was afraid it would have a heart attack from fear. She, whom I named Ivy, could not be a pet. She may think that this is the place where she was hurt and put in a cage and will never come back here. I hope where ever she is she is alive. She could have turned out litter after litter and who knows how many girls would have been in those litters. She is spayed had shots and fleed. God speed dear Ivy. We all do what we have to do for these feral ones out side. All animal lovers are in this world together and frankly sometimes my friends who are not animal lovers probable thing I am nuts. I think that they have lost a world of love and happiness not having a pet or pets. Warm Wishes to all - Adopt a kittie today and be happier tomorrow.... Ginny the Fur family


so sorry to hear about the losses. It is always so sad when a kitten doesn't make it.

I had a runt a few years back who was 2 oz when he was born and lost weight shortly after that. Was so sure we were going to lose him, but he pulled through and today is a beautiful healthy boy who is the love of his mom's life :)


I think my Tungsten must have been a litter's runt. Everyone who sees her thinks she's not full grown yet. She may not be fully grown, though she's as big as she'll ever get. But at six pounds and twelve years, she runs faster and jumps farther than any other of my four. She's their top-cat and has spit and spirit to spare. I can imagine her mother despairing of her when she was born, but if that's the case, she survived, and then some. I hope the same for Beatrice's runt.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Updates on adopted kitties are wonderful! Those three look like best friends!
I feel awful at the loss of those kittens, but it sounds like they were never going to survive. If I recall correctly, and I think I do, those were the kittens of a brother and sister? That probably explains it. Sad, but not unexpected. Here's hoping that Abby gets adopted fast at the shelter!

Speaking of adoptions, here's hoping and purring and praying that the cathouse cats get adopted quick! Readers, if you can find room, please please adopt! And if you cant, please please tell everyone you know! These cats have been waiting long enough, they deserve homes!

Bellen, are you sure you're talking about your Tungsten? 6 pounds 12 years, runs faster, top cat with spit and spirit to spare? That's my Star! Except she's probably just about 13 now! (I skipped 'jumps further' because she's slowed down on her jumping, age getting her I believe)

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

A lovely post ~ I'm so glad that test was negative, and you feel blessed. xx

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