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Cat's Cats

What a lovely snowman!!! I can't believe the change in Jenny, she looks so sleek and beautiful :-)

Computer troubles can be so frustrating! I sent you an email on the weekend and I'm guessing it did not arrive to you, nothing important really just a sweet picture of Kip who is such a darling boy :-)


I love the snowman, and I loved the picture of Jenny and Radio.
I just sent you an animated Christmas card, maybe you will get it when they get their email fixed.


Mindy Slimmer

Hi Chrystal! The sad part is is that I wasn't trying to be a secret santa. QVC has this thing called billed to/shipped to...you get the delight and I get the bill. On the invoice, it should have said, "Merry Christmas"
Love, The Slimmers
Oh well! I just saw it and loved how the snowman was looking into the kitty's eyes with such love and adoration...and it made me think of you. My mom loves snowmen, too...and I LOVE Jim Shore...he is a famous Americana Folk Artist that uses quilt designs in his sculptures and other art works. I'm so glad you like it.
Much Love,
Mindy :)

Sweet Purrfectons

Other than problems with your email, it appears you are having a wonderful holiday this year. Love the snowman holding the kitty.

Truffle and Brulee

Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

Guess what ... whatever bug got your computer also got ME! I've been down for the count for three days, but am on the road to recovery now! And just what i needed to perk me up ... pictures of Radio and Jenny! Please give them a Christmas nuzzle for me!

Random Felines

what a great snowman!!! we love that picture of Jenny and Radio - he is VERY handsome in his christmas hat.

hope the food goes to good use (we know it will).


You could sign up for a free email account online. Gmail will even forward to your own email once your regular email is up and running so you won't miss anything if you want.

I too love that snowman/kitty

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Cool snowman! no pun intended, lol. Yay for the foods! The kitties will be very happy I'm sure.
I love seeing your own crew, it's such a great group of furries! And the change in Jenny, it's nothing short of a miracle! Radio may not give that hat back ever, he looks like such a jaunty fellow!
Can NOT wait for your news tomorrow, we're on pins and needles here!

Hey! know what would make a great gift for Chrystal? Adopt a cathouse cat! (or a doggie, there's two sweet doggies waiting for homes too) Let's empty the cathouse!


Of course we love the donkeys right along with the cats since we have donkeys too. Sorry you are having so much trouble with your email. I had all kinds of trouble with my computer yesterday.
We are so glad that you are having such a good Christmas. We were thrilled too about Cat giving us that award. We do feel honored to be amongst such good company. Have a super Friday.


Chrystal, I knew we were some kind of kindred spirits! I collect snowmen, too. Its a borderline obsession for me, but whatever :) I love seeing the pictures of your fur family, and hearing the joy in your posts lately. Please give Daphne a snuggle for us here, and I pray that y'all have a wonderful Christmas.


Hi Chrystal

So sorry you are facing email issues - and you are right: this is the worst time of the year for that!

I didn't get a picture of my brick, but don't worry if you are going to post them in the new year (which reminds me I need to get you my story to go with).

LOVE the pictures of Radio and Jenny - and those of all your gang!

Wishing a wonderful Christmas for you and your loved ones - bipeds and quadpeds!

Ginny & The Fur Family

Dear Chrystal - love the pictures of all your own pets and Radio and Jenny - Radio looks so fine in his hat- I didn't recieve a picture of Tom - dogs brick -but maybe it is way too early for that order and I did get pictures of the last order and loved them. Andy And mandy - I am going to get in on the next order when you make another. we have been having trouble with our internet also- It is up and down and so is the Cable TV - and the phone is on the same carrier. When we are out, we are all out of everything - the wonder of the season is best seen through the eyes of a snowman holding a kitty - that is a very nice gift. The gift of food from Jeanne is so nice and will sure come in handy - can't wait to hear the good news tomorrow. Your home is filled with furry love and you are special to the furry ones. Warm Wishes - Ginny & The Fur Family -Follow the new brick road to Winnies room and adopt a furry one to keep you warm.

The Island Cats

Hi Chrystal! Our mom got that same Snowman this year...not from a Secret Santa, though! The look the snowman is giving that kitty is priceless!

We wish you all a very very Merry Christmas! And we purr that 2012 is a great year for you and all the furry ones!!

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

So enjying seeing all of your gang ~ especially Radio and Jenny whom we don't get to see very often. xx


Congratulations on the extremely well-deserved award, Chrystal! We love you guys, and are so grateful for all the amazing work you do.

Sorry to hear about your email issues. Terrible timing, for sure. We are purring and praying for a quick resolution. You'll be happy to know I DID get the picture you sent. I've been working on incorporating it into someone's gift ... so exciting! :)

Merry Christmas, and a blessed new year.

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