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I so wish i could take a cat (or 2) right now... ever since I started reading your blog I've wished for the space and ability to bring one home... And Cashmere has always called to me (well her and Mitts)
I SO hope that ALL the winnies wish kitties find amazing homes soon!

Mary Wiesner

I've shared your post on Facebook. I don't have many "friends", but you never know...

Chrystal, might I suggest you post a link in your sidebar to your Petfinder page? It might make it easier for folks visiting to check out the individual postings of your available cats & dogs. You may also want to put a little note of your location there too just in case casual viewers don't know where these kitties are located. ;)

Ginny & the Fur Family

The kitties are both beautiful. I have a cat like Tulip and we now call her M&N short for mean and nasty because she slaps at any other cats around her. I have a cat Ms. Kittie - who hates other cats and tolerates dogs and loves most people. Cats can be quirkey- I have too many cats now but I think if someone adopted these kities that could work with them and had no other pets in the house they would be loyal fabulous fur kids.. I wish I could say this will get better but I have not found that to be true in my house with other cats. I just shoo M&N away and make her a place to eat alone. I made her a place alone behind a curtain under the sink side -she sleeps alone behind the curtain on my old picnic basket.M&N doesn't do that to the dogs just the cats. She is like a crankey old maid cat. I love her anyway and would never take her to a pound. Ms Cat sleeps in my bedroom closet coming out only to eat and comes up to sleep beside us at night - it works for her. I know you are in a quandry as what to do, but I do think if she were the only cat in a home she would come around to be so sweet. Prayers for some one alone to adopt either Tulip or Cashmere. Have a good week end.. Ginny & The Fur Family

The Monkeys

I hope one or both of these girls get adopted soon!

Bella is our Tulip. She doesn't like to associate with the others too much, but with enough space, she is very comfortable and the household is harmonious.

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

I am so hoping these two beautiful cats find the right home for their hapy ever after. xx


WE just tweeted this out and asked for RT *retweets* Our following is not huge, but some of those that follow us do have a lot of followers, so maybe this will help get the word out to another set of eyes.
Hoping and purring for both kitties.
(our own crew is like this...or I should say ABBY is...she is our little problem girl...and she keeps all the other kitties on their toes)
love and purrs
Abby and Mom Debra

Andrea & the Celestial Kitties

My heart is breaking for Cashmere! Maybe because she's Leo's sister, but the poor thing. And poor Tulip!
Someone out there must need a single kitty. Do you have a family member, someone with no kitties? Tulip would probably love being an only kitty.
Cashmere loves her sisters if I remember right, does someone need a pair of kitties?
Do you have an aunt, a grandmother, a mother, anyone who could use a furry friend? Please put all your thought into this problem! We are.
We're praying, Chrystal!

Ginny & the Fur Family

Prayers for the adoption of Cashmere and Tulip. Beautiful furry kitties. Both would make good pets to a single pet home. My Ms. Cat loves her closet pillow and her ability to sleep with her people between their pillows at night and she is almost 8 and it works for her. M&N (mean & nasty ) alias Groucho- loves her place under the sink where a dish washer should go and her pillow on a picnic basket behind a curtain I put across there with a tension rod. She comes out at night and plays on the rug in front of the Fridge- it works for her and she seems to be happy and leaves the others alone - I just work with the personality of the cat. Not keep trying to change them and love them both dearly - have a great weekend -- Ginny & The Fur Family

Cats of wildcat woods

Will share this and send the positive energy out to all who might adopt!


How heartbreaking! We are purring and praying that these two sweethearts will find forever homes really soon. Hugs to you.


I just tweeted. I do have a small following but human has good following & will RT!

Sweet Purrfections

We're purring that Tulip and Cashmere can get adopted in a forever home soon.

Truffle and Brulee

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