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Random Felines

eh - privacy in the bathroom is overrated. :)

Mom agrees - she tends to keep her fosters just a little longer. She knows that tiny goes first, but she would rather they be a little bigger and fully vaccinated to be sure that they can fight off any weirdness that may pop up.

Deb & The Taylor CatSSSSS

Chrystal, I am so sorry that I have not been able to visit for so long. These babies are just adorable, of course!!! I never have the bathroom to my self! :)

I have been crazed around here, but things are getting better. Is there anything that I can do to help you? I was thinking of doing another auction fund raiser in September, after Sloane goes back to college. Let me know what you think!!!

Love, Deb

The Monkeys

Samuel is SO adorable! I mean they're all adorable, but I love his little apple head!


what is this bathroom that you speak off that you get to be in it by yourself?? what is that? such a foreign concept you MUST be from some other world all together ;)

The shelter I foster for keeps the kittens in foster care until they are old enough to be neutered. 2 lbs for some vets, 2.5 for others. They vaccinate starting at 8 weeks, although they have started giving the FVRCP vaccine when they walk in the door no matter how old they are if they are with out a mother.


Three CUTE Peas in a Pod!


Oh we love the peas in a pod!

Love and purrs
Abby and Mom Debra

Cat's Cats

I think the first vaccination plan is a great idea!!! I know how heartbreaking it was for you to send healthy kittens to the shelter in the hope they would be adopted only to have them returned to you in worse shape than they were the first time! This way they will be fully protected, you are brilliant Chrystal :-)

Another little black baby...GAH he is adorable!

Goldie Goodwin

Excellent idea on the longer foster. These three little peas are incredibly adorable. Little Samuel seems to be attached his slightly older brothers, particularly Thomas. These pictures are breathtaking. Happy things are better.
Max and Dearest send their love to the newbees!


Those little peas in a pod are simply adorable!

We think "nobody goes back until the first vac" is a great policy. Too bad about the bathroom, though. :)

SAS........Sammy, Andy and Shelly

Chrystal, you and all the darlins' in your care are in our purrayers/prayers.


Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

I so LOVE your new catchy phrase: Nobody goes back until after the first vac! I'm sorry you had to suffer so much pain and loss to get it though.

The peas are adorable. Sending them so much love, and healing purrs from Milo and Alfie.

re Winnie's celebrations ~ I've only got one thing to say: BRICKS! (am I right?)

Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

I think your new plan is spot on!!! Those little kitties will be big and strong before they ever see the inside of a shelter.

The 3P's are just melting my heart. I am just in love with Thomas' goofy little face!

Lee County Clowder

Hey, Samuel, and welcome. The world can always use another black kitteh or two.

Chrystal, are you set up so the shelter could send potential adopters to you? If they would, and you could, that would give adopters more insight into the kittie, while the kittie gets the TLC it needs.

Sounds like a win all over, at least from where we sit.

virginia wells

My computer is on the down side Jim got the blog on his. I love Samuals little face. All three are sweet as sugar peas. Lee County Clowder is so right. If you could hold open house in Winnies room once or twice a month at set hours and real animal lovers could come and watch the kitties play and inter act with them - who could help but fall in love with one or two. Or even three. Just for a while until you placed them in loving homes. Prayers for Waggles and Jazy. Could bricks be bought and engraved and left with you as a memory side walk to Winnies Room? They could honor the living or ones crossed over like WINNIE. Have a good night-My Mandy ancient baby girl doggie is still with me -one more blessed day on earth. I am so thankful-Ginny & The Fur Family

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