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Goldie Goodwin

Great news all around! It's exciting to hear the good emerge out of bad.


so happy to hear about Jazzy. I have actually done that disco dance when a sick kitten eats for the first time, so I know so well what you are going through. I am curious though if there was ever an official diagnosis of anything and what meds she is on... not that you need to share, but I love learning from other people's experiences

So glad to hear Winnie is doing well. I have taken pictures of sick kitties at their worst and even years later have the hardest time looking at those photos. But I do find it helpful to help me remember what we went through. My memory tends to be a little rose colored and I forget the worst of things... not that that is a bad thing.

More prayers that Winnie continues to do well and you have lots of wonderful quality time together.

Random Felines

YEAH for Jazzy....fingers crossed she continues to eat and gets better every day.

And purrs to you and Waggles....


Super big halleuiahs for Jazzy and Waggles!
We will still send healing purrs and purrayers their ways, but we believe that proverbial corner has been turned!
Love and purrs
Abby and Mom Debra

Lorelei Schryver

I'm way behind on things, but I wanted to say you, your family, and all the fuzzbabies are in my thoughts. Y'all rock my socks off.

Ginny & the Fur Family

This is great news today and I prayed for Jazzy and Waggles to make it one day at a time. When I have one more day with a sick or ancient pet it is my blessing- They do so much more for me than I ever do for them. When I took in Arthur during the ice storm his front leg from the bend down was so infected it looked as if it would never get well. He lost a part of a toe - so he can not climb because his foot is kind of stiff so he is an inside cat. Things that look so very bad can heal so much better than we humans think. Arthur is now madly in love with Drew Pooh my black 84 lb lab mix- Arthur doesn't know he is a boy or that he is not a dog. He licks Drew in the face and lays under that giant head and every where Drew lays down Arther is right there. Nature is such a great and entertaining thing and all furry creatures are such a joy. Prayers for dear Waggles and sweet Jazzy to get well and be with you a long time - Ginny & The Fur Family -

Andrea & the Celestial Kitties

Wonderful Amazing Fantastic news!! I know it's not over, but things are looking up! I agree with Abby, a corner has been turned. We're still praying here that things will continue in this direction toward full recovery.
Also praying and hoping you get many adoptions from Winnie's Wish and that the cathouse becomes empty!
People, make Chrystal's month, adopt one of her wonderul kitties and make wishes come true! you will never regret it as her cats are the most special wonderful kitties ever! Doesn't matter where you live, kitties can get to you!
Bless you Chrystal, praying for peace and rest and no more sick babies for you!

Amy & The House of Cats

Hi Chrystal! Wow it is a good news day - it is so good to hear that Jazzy at on her own, and so good to hear that Waggles is healing and hopefully that next vet visit will come with good news. We are all purring and praying for them and all of you and your current crop of cats and dogs - we hope that there will be more good news for a long time.


Great to hear Waggles and Jazzy are doing well. If you get a chance, could we pretty please get an update on the ferals and remaining Fantastic Fifteen? Especially my faves, Luna and Golden!! I'd love to hear more about Halo, also. Did she ever get less scared?

Keep up the good work!

Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

I am so excited to hear the better news about Waggles & Jazzy. How important each little step in the right direction is!!!

I can't believe it's almost been a year since Winnie ran off to the Bridge. So much has happened and I feel so honored to have been able to ride along with you on this amazing journey!

Lee County Clowder

Way to go, Jazzy. eat! Eat EAT! We want to see you as a fat little kitteh in a month or so.

Purrrayers that Waggles keeps on improving.

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

What wonderful news about dear little Jazzy! I'm doing a happy dance too! And I am so relieved that Waggles is holding on and healing ~ we all of us know that this might be just buying quality time, but Waggles deserves all the love and quality time she can get. Milo and Alfie are sending healing purrs and I send love by the bucket load.

Looking forward to celebrating beloved Winnie's life.

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