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Random Felines

We are very sorry you are all having to go through this. Waggles belongs to a very special family and we are sure she knows that!

Goldie Goodwin

I am so happy to hear that Waggles is stable. She has an amazing history. The power of love and the will to live. I wish for her to be taking those autumn walks with you and your family in the flesh.

Cat's Cats

I know you have sat up many nights with many animals Chrystal, but this time was different. I'm glad Waggles came through the worst part and is feeling better. I hope she has some good times ahead :-)


It can not be known if we are making the right decisions until after the fact (and sometimes not even then) all we can do is listen to those with the knowledge, and make the decision out of love. From the sounds of it, you have. You know Waggles wants to be with you, and you are giving that to her no matter how much it is hurting you. I went through something similar (but not nearly as difficult) with one of my cats. I pray that you are able to take that walk this autumn, and it is wonderful.

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

We are sending so much love for Waggles. We are so sad that she is having to go through this, but if it buys her quality time we know it will be worth it. ((((((hugs))))).


What an amazing journey!
Waggles is such a special member of the family. No one gives up when there is hope, and there is with Waggles so much hope. I for one am of the frame of thought to stay " in the moment". It is hard because we do have the ability to look forward ( and back) but the current moment is all we have, and that is what I encourage you. I will pray for Waggles and we will send all of healing purrs towards a warm autumnal walk by the river.
Love and purrs,
Abby and Mom Debra

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Still sending lots of Reiki light to you both. I cannot imagine what this night must have been like for both of you. I think you have made the right choice.

The Poupounette Gang

What we do know is that, through it all, Waggles can feel every bit of that boundless love you have for her.

Lee County Clowder

Purrrrraying for Waggles. May she, and you, get at least one long walk in the snow this fall.


Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

What a brave little girl Waggles is. She has gone through so much in her life and is truely a survivor. Bless you for all you have done for her. It's always so hard to know if we are doing the right thing for our furbabies when they are ill. Sometimes the treatment is almost worse that the disease itself. I'm so happy to hear she was able to go outside and roll in the grass. She WILL be taking that walk with you!

Andrea & the Celestial Kitties

Where there is life, there is hope. When there's hope, you treat. So you did the right thing. If you have to help her over the bridge later, you still have this time, and it sounds to me like being able to roll in the grass is good times. Waggles is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her, she was meant for you from the start and it's wonderful that she will end her days, whenever that is, being a very loved member of your family. God bless you and Waggles!

Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in IL

Sending purrayers and snuggles to our friend, Waggles. Hold on, little one, better days are ahead with people who love you lots.
Taz, Runt, and Charles
3 kats and a kwilter


Love. It's all about love. What Waggles gave you , what you are giving her back.We hope you feel better and better with each passing day Waggles.We know you are surrounded by and blanketed by love.We know that love makes us take chances and that you took a chance Chrystal.You are taking a chance.For love.In its' name.And because of that, there can't be any regret or mistakes.

the critters in The Cottage


I'm SO sorry that you're going through so much. Along with everyone else, I send hope that Waggles can keep going and keep enjoying her tremendous family.


There is a natural remedy called Cansema that you can use on (skin) cancers, it's a cream or gel. it seeks out all reaches of the tumour and then it all dries up and drops out. it does cause pain but the otucomes are a tumour free companion. humans can use it, too, but here in Oz you can only buy the animal grade one. (contents are EXACTLY the same - get what I'm saying?) Anyway, belssings to you and Waggles, do what is right for you. I better back track some now and learn about you all.

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