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SAS........Sammy, Andy and Shelly

YAY, what a beautiful story!!!!!!!! We purray y'all will be mightily blessed for what you do for these homeless darlings.

Random Felines

YEAH!! Love that last picture - the ultimate contentment of being home. :)

Lana G.

Fantastic. Just fantastic. :)

Milo and Alfie's mom

Chrystal, I've been away for a few days so have just read the catch-up posts. It was happy/sad reading.
How joyeous that there are healthy survivors, how tragic that so many didn't make it. Then of course there is dear little Waggles ...
My hope for Waggles is of course a miracle ... and if we can't have that, then quality of life for as long as possible, followed by passing to the Bridge surrounded by love. I don't want Waggles to suffer (as I know you don't) and trust your judgement to make the right decisions at the right time ~ even though it will break your heart to let Waggles go.
I'm so sorry for so much heartbreak for you and your family, and the animals. It's hard to understand why these things happen ...
Love and prayers,


Oh the Blessings to have it work out so wonderfully. It is times like this that make the darker days a little easier to take. So happy that Max and Dearest are home now and how well it all worked out.

Cat's Cats

Thank goodness for Mere Lyn, what a great help she was!!! I must ask if she is the one who rescued Jimmy and Sparkles and brought them to you. If so please give her a big hug for me and tell her that Jimmy is a healthy and happy mancat now :-)

What lovely pictures of Max and Dearest, I am so happy that they have found a safe and loving home. Holy cow the before and after pictures are dramatic!!! What a difference your love and care made :-)


Miracles do happen.
Chrystal this was indeed magical,and blessings to ALL who made this happen!

Love and purrs
Abby and Mom Debra

daily dose

Mere Lyn, IS, in fact the one who rescued Ash (your Jimmy) and Sparkles and brought them to us. I will be glad to give her a big hug for you.

The Poupountte

Yay for Max and Dearest. Thy look all set for a wonderful life. And what a fabulous lade is Mere Lyn too!

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Max and Dearest look so well and happy thanks to you and your girls. We are so glad Mere Lynn - love her name - stepped int o help. That is what friends do. You must know you are surrounded by a huge circle of friends.

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Max and Dearest look so well and happy thanks to you and your girls. We are so glad Mere Lynn - love her name - stepped in to help. That is what friends do. You must know you are surrounded by a huge circle of friends.

Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

So incredible!!! Max and Dearest are adorable beyond words. I can't even reconcile in my mind that those are the same little sickly ones in the first picture. I hope Goldie will blog about them. How wonderful is Mere Lynn too!

Ginny & the Fur Family

A wonderful post today and tears are all over my face. Tears of joy for a job well done- everyone working together to see that Max and Dearest made the journey against all odds and have a loving forever home. The pictures are great. They are smiling with happiness at their new family.. keep up the good work - warm wishes - Ginny & The Fur Family

Andrea & the Celestial Kitties

How wonderful! I was afraid they were all still waiting on transportation! I'm so so glad it worked out and bless Mere Lyn for her help! What a wonderful bright spot in the middle of everything else.
Here's hoping the California-bound kitties have an equally happy ending! If they aren't settled yet, would a chip-in for plane fare help?

See these wonderful happy ending stores folks? You could have one too! There's plenty more kitties in the cat house just begging for a forever home! Any one of them would make the perfect pet and companion!! Please please consider adopting from Chrystal, she has the best kitties in the world!
I know that for a fact, because my Leo came from there and he's super special ultra wonderful!

Goldie Goodwin

What a wonderful post about Max and Dearest. It's been a long time since we've had babies in the house and they have added a lot of life to our home! It was certainly obvious to me that they had come from one very loving home.
Those little faces look up at me with complete trust and love. This is because of Chrystal and her family. It was an honor to be able to take these little angels and know they would be a lifelong reminder of the determination and utter commmitment to life that exists within Chrystal.
Max and Dearest made it to Georgia on July 8th really against all odds from the start, so I can't believe I've already had them for two weeks.
Mere Lyn told me that she would help Chrystal in any way possible and if it meant "driving kittens to China" she would. Two very incredible ladies! The world is a better place because of them, and we are indeed fortunate to have Chrystal and Mere Lyn amoung us.

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