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My hope is that the four sickest rescues follow Gabriel's example and get well despite all fears!!

I'm so-oo-oo-oo glad you rescued the adults as well as the kittens and hope the Mastitis Mom recovers asap.

Hang in there and know that there are hundreds - perhaps more -- people supporting your efforts.

You are a champ and a shining star. That alone might pull those sick kittens through!!! If not, you are giving them the best possible chance for recovery.


The Monkeys

Great news about the 6 adult cats! We are happy that they won't be able to make any more kittens and we're glad they'll get the help we need!

We are SO excited about bringing Gabriel home to be a Monkey!

My friend is actually taking a slightly different route than you mentioned because he will be stopping in Columbus for the night after he picks up Gabriel in Indianapolis. He will go through Ohio, upper PA and NY and go into Canada just a little west of Kingston.

The Poupountte

That last photo of Gabriel is simply fabulous. We are so happy to hear he is off to Canada to a great forever home. We so wish we could help with the adoptions or the driving. Sometimes it is very frustrating to be on the other side of the ocean!

Random Felines

YEAH for Gabriel (and the Monkeys - we wondered who Sweet Pea's new boy toy was going to be)!!!

As always, we are purring for you....glad you caught everyone and that they are complete health disasters - mom was really afraid they would be wrecks. Hope you get another couple of adoptions from this....

Fuzzy Tales

Congrats on getting all the adults -- this is great news!

Continued purrs and Light all All....I so wish I was emotionally and financially able to take on another adoptee, Chrystal. And even if I were (and you know I'm not), I have a fear of another Annie/Nicki situation, where it's nothing but daily hissing, snarling, growling and spats. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers that at least one person out there will be able to adopt at this time!



Great news that the captured stray adults are in fairly good shape.We are sending critter thoughts and critter love to the nine kittens in the hopes that they will get stronger and thrive with each passing day.Hurray for Gabriel! He will now be an angel on earth in a loving forever home :)
the critters in The Cottage

Amy & The House of Cats

Hi Chrystal! Wow that is such great news about the adults - I was worried there would be a fight, and I am glad that there wasn't.

I wish I could help with this transport for you but I checked the map and for us that is a 10 hour total drive, since both Effingham and Indianapolis are pretty far south for us. I am so excited for Gabriel to be joining the Monkeys - he is a perfect addition to their home and we know he will be very loved!

And oh the gray girls - I wish I could have taken one of them along with Trixie (you don't know how tempted I was but I knew that it would just be way too much at our tiny place at that point). I can vouch for the fact that their sister is a sweetheart and so I have to guess that the others are too. And since they are coming from you I can guess that helps them be so sweet, since Ash was too. So at least I can do that - let everyone know that your kitties are awesome!

And we of course are still sending lots of purrs and prayers to all the new little ones you have there - we hope that things are going well and that you and your family aren't going crazy with all the work - they are some very lucky kittens for sure.

And don't worry about the emails - we all know that you are super busy right now - so we understand. Oh, and in case you didn't see my email because you are so busy, expect a package from me some time next week.

Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ... Gabriel. You know what a sucker I am for a little tuxie!

Congrats on the success in getting the six adults. I will continue my prayers for the group of 15. I'm calling them the Fantastic Fifteen because I EXPECT good things for all of them!!!

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Yay for Gabriel - what a great home he will have! I have been posting this on Twitter and Facebook with lots of followers. SO glad you got the adults. I am still working on Daphne but have had not luck with home adoptions - two no- kill shelters in Chicago have a wait list for FIV cat sand may take her if needed. Still sending Reiki light!


Oh I am so glad it went well for the adult cats and getting them home. I sure hope you can get a ride for Gabriel so he can go to the Monkeys home. What a wonderful home that will be for him. Hope you can find someone else to take a kitty too. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this gigantic project.

Lee County Clowder

So glad you got all the adult kitties, and without a fight. (though we will say that that duo sure had a lot of cats for not wanting cats) Pitty there isn't some way to 'fix' those people so they can't have any more cats, like you can a kittie.

Hang in there, Fantastic Fifteen. There are lots of kitties and beans and even a few woofers purrrring for you all.

Cat's Cats

I am so glad that things went well last night and the adults are now with you!!! The news of Gabriel becoming a Monkey is just too fantastic :-) I am trying hard to think of anyone I know who would be a good home for another adoption but so far I've come up blank. So sorry Chrystal!

Ginny & The Fur Family

If the Fur Family could travel through this computer via the internet we would put a gold star up on you and your daughters - we would give you a big thumbs up and a hugh hug -- group hug - you did good. There were so many prayers going to the situtation that it had to succeed - rescue is an art that you all have mastered. I am sure many times last night we all rushed to the computer hoping some results were on there. We are with you in all you do for the furry ones. Good bye dear Gabriel and God speed to Canada to become a new monkey. Karen will let us know how he is doing on her blog so we can still know he is alright .. Thank you Karen and Chrystal for the life of Gabriel and a future loving home. Warm Wishes to all - Ginny & The Fur Family-

Deb & The Taylor CatSSSSS

WHAT A CUTE MONKEY-TO-BE!!! Simply adorable! Relief that everything went well for the adult cats and getting them home.

I wish that I could help with the transport. I will be putting a lot of thought into how to spread the word about these cuties needing forever homes!

JUST A THOUGHT TO PUT OUT THERE IN THE BLOGOSPHERE: I can help with flight arrangements for anyone wanting to adopt kittens but don't live close to Chrystal. Continental Airlines has a wonderful Pet Transport system. I used it to bring my catSSSSS with us to D.C. We can even arrange over-seas flights.

Please keep this in mind!!!!

Love to all.


Goldie Goodwin

Really Really happy that everyone is there with you. They have a shot at getting well and going to loving homes. We weren't able to connect with the kittens in time when you went to Florida. I will look hard and long at these babies to see if one speaks to me, although I am already in love with Dearest... Naturally

Milo and Alfie

I am so pleased that litle Gabriel survived and absolutely delighted that he's going to become a monkey! YAY! This has made my day.
And how wonderful that you managed to get all the adult cats ~ with out to much hassle. What a relief that they will now get the help they need ~ their lives must have been so miserable. What a disgrace that their owners cared so little.

You haven't e-mailed me ~ but you don't need to do so; the kittens and cats touched my heart. My donation was chipped in on what would have been the birthday of my beloved heart cat Henry (1985 ~2004)~ it was was my way of celebrating that he lived for almost 20 years in his loving forever home, and hoping your rescued cats and kittens could get equally lucky.

Jan x

Ginny & The Fur Family

Just dropping around this morning to say thanks for the lives of all the new rescues. You all saved their lives. I know the work load must be overwhelming and has many ups and down but in the total over all picture - so many have been saved this year and we give prayers for the souls of thoes who could not make it on this side of the bridge. They are not ever forgotten thanks to this blog and the blogs of others who love the furry ones their spirits will live on into the next life on the other side of the rainbow. -- Ginny & The Fur Family

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