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Milo and Alfie

Spritz reminds me of our little Alfie; he had a rough start in life and is still spooked by lots of things. Even now he seems on constant alert and is very easily scared ~ but he is such a wonderful loving boy.
We used to give him "cuddle therapy" when we first had him (for about 6 months)~ basically everytime either one of us walked past him we would pick him up for a brief cuddle (whether he liked it or not!). At first he used to resist and wriggle, then he moved on to a stage where he would hold himself rigid but allow us to stroke him and kiss him. Now he is a complete cuddle-bunny! I suspect he had a bad experience with humans when he was little ~ and it took him a while to trust again. We adopted him when he was 12 weeks old (he'd been rescued from living feral and was in a terrible state health-wise when Cats Protection took him in). Alfie is the sweetest most gentle of cats ~ remarkable considering his early life.
I suppose all this rambling is really about me saying, Spritz will be fine ~ she just needs consistent patience and love. No more than she, and the other cats deserve. I hope she and the others get that in their new forever homes.

Love Jan xx

Random Felines

Mom keeps saying "if only".....if only we had a bigger house, if only we had space for one more, if only.... but we know it will happen. Come on people - step up!! FIV isn't a big deal and those grey girls are ADORABLE!!!

The Monkeys

Beautiful girls! I hope that one or more of them get adopted soon.

I also hope Fantastic Fourteen is a typo and that all of the cats/kittens are doing well!

Cat's Cats

I wish I knew someone who would take Daphne!!!

Ginny & The Fur Family

Today we went to a yard sale where the person was collection for the animals from the floods in other places like down in the south. She had rescued two beautiful springer spaniels from a shelter and was having to move because the land lord hated to rent to people with pets. Does that sound all too familiar? All those out there who rent have to hide the cats or dogs or pay hugh deposits to own a rescue. I feel for those peole. Most people have big hearts but sometimes they do not live in a place where they can take more than one or none and those people sometimes are the most generous to help. We here at the Fur Family say that gray is a great color and easy to hide in the shadows when the land lord comes a calling. I once rented and hid the cat in the closet when I saw my land lord. the closet had a louver door at the bottom. Later on I learned I had to buy a house when we moved to Arizona. At first we rented from a bad land lord and later on we saw a hugh St, Benard looking out of the window and the people were moving and we stoped and rented the house on the spot - We told her the truth that we had 6 cats and a big dog. and guess what? She said she didn't care - that her friend had been hiding 8 all the same color.. calico. She later bought the house next door from our rental and all was great in the neighborhood - If some one takes 3 grays they will look like the same cat all the time when they look out the windows. Gray is good - gray is great and lets hear it for Gray day. I had to tell this long ranbling story. Gray day deserves a great story. We here at the Fur family home sends prayers to Daphne that some one with another cat like her will open their heart and make a great home for the sweetie. Warm wishes to the fantastic fourteen - have a good week end. We have several black cats and that was on purpose - we saved their lives from Arizona -no one wanted black cats. They didn't have a no kill shelter and they were great cats, we still have four -Ginny & The Fur Family

Deb & The Taylor CatSSSSS

What FANTASTIC pictures of the FANTASTIC FOURTEEN! Ginny tells a great story! That is exactly right about telling someone it is the same cat! :) I joke about my five that I really only have one cat who leaves the room and changes into another fur coat. :)

COME ON OUT THERE!!! YOU KNOW THAT YOU WANT ONE, TWO OR MORE OF THESE BEAUTIES!!! Daphne needs a forever home - FIV POSITIVE is not a death sentence nor does it mean that she cannot live with other cats. If you have any questions about FIV, please go here: http://taylorcatsssss.blogspot.com/2011/05/watch-out-here-is-little-education.html

If you have another questions about FIV, write me at: debrastaylor@earthlink.net

Now, if think that you would love to adopt a kitty from Chrystal, but live too far away, we can arrange transport by car, plane, train, horse....etc. (okay, maybe not by horse), but you get the picture. Don't let distance be a factor in adopting a kitty and/or kitties.

Many kisses from Auntie Deb to all the furries!


Oh those gray babies are simply beautiful. I do hope that there is a an opening in a home out there for these special babies!
We are purring and purraying!

♥Abby♥ & Mom Debra

ML & The Sherwood Bunch

Gray is a special color here with the Sherwood Kitties.
We have twin gray brofurs, Smokey and Brutus Jr. We love gray.
What a great opportunity to get one of these special cats and have it delivered right to you!!!
Little KC came to us from over 500 miles away. Her trip was completely arranged by Auntie Deb. KC was almost too small to fly, but it all worked out so well.
Love & Purrs,
Mom ML & The Sherwood Kitties

Karen Jo

I am so happy that Gabriel is leaving for his new home today. I hope that Daphne can find a home soon. FIV isn't such a big deal. Herman has both FIV and Feline Leukemia and he is doing just great.

Lana G.

I wish I had room for them all -- I'd adopt them in a heartbeat! They're all so precious.

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