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Cat's Cats

Oh Chrystal, is that eight sick kittens?! I really have to stop reading your blog at work, I so often have to hide my tears and sniffles at my desk. Too many little babies in need, I don't know how you do it!!! I am praying for all of them. They have a chance with you and your family, I just hope they are strong enough to fight for life.

The Poupounette Gang

We are, as always, in awe of the amazing work you and your daughters do, Chrystal. We're thinking of you and keeping every paw crossed for the little ones.

Random Felines

Sending you all big hugs....but like I said before, sometimes the best we can do is show them a little love and safety and care before they leave. It doesn't make it any easier, and my heart breaks for you....but the world is a much better place for you and your family being in it.

Fuzzy Tales

I'm in tears reading your post, Chrystal. All I can offer to you and your family, and all those poor little babies, is universal Light and Blessings.

So, so heart-breaking.

Bless you all for caring so very much, when so many obviously don't.


When I see all those innocent, sweet faces, all I can think of is where did they come from and where are the people who knew they had entered this world??! So disappointing.I know it is difficult Chrystal, to see sufferiing in the first stage of life when there should be joy and wonder ; to know they may not even get a chance at life.Thank you for being there for these innocent helpless babies, when others have failed them miserably.
the critters in The Cottage

Amy & the House of Cats

Oh Crystal I am so sad that so many sick babies are there with you right now, and that Daphne is so sadright now. I am sitting here at work just crying because I know you will love all those sick little babies and just make sure that even if they don't make it very long, they will know they were loved by you and your family, and by all of us out here too. We are purring and praying for all of them and for all of you too - this has to be so hard and honestly just thank you and thanks to your family for being the wonderful, loving people you are. Giving these babies the love they so truely deserve is such a wonderful gift you can give them all.


It is so hard to see the struggles of babies. I cannot help but pray for these tiny babies and we are sending up prayers for all of them and a special plea for Gabriel.

kitty kisses and purrayers
Abby & Mom Debra

Katnip Lounge

You have all my prayers for these little ones...at least they'll end their journey warm and loved.
God Bless.

The Monkeys

It's so heartbreaking that these beautiful babies are in such bad condition. I am sending as many positive thoughts as possible that these little angels make it, and that you all continue to have the amazing strength to take care of the ones that need it.

 Ginny&the Fur Family

you and your daughters have my thoughts and prayers. We are dealing with much the same thing here now with these-- water gets in their eyes and they get infected and they feel so bad already it is hard to try to force things up on them even it they have to have it. WE hope all make it. I always think that as long as there is breath there is some hope. Hope grows and life forces are like a candle whose wick is about to burn down - some times that wick will burn long after the flame goes down and some times that ember can be nurtured into a small flame that grows until life is there again. Gabriel is so sweet and like Winnie - he is just hanging on - all my prayers are going to all but especially to him. - My preyers are for you to be able to get some rest somehow. You fight so galiantly for the helpless ones. You and your family are the best place for these sweet sick babies to be - they will be warm and loved. Prayers for Daphne to find a loving home. Warm wishes - Ginny & The Fur Family

ginger jasper

Oh I am reading this late at night here and just cant stop the tears. Those darling babies. I so hope they make it but if they dont then at least they will have known some love in their short lives. You are such special people and if anyone can pull them through then it is you. I hope Daphne can find a forever home and pray that will happen. xx

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Oh Chrystal, you have more than your share of heartache. Prayers of course, and a plea.
People, we seriously have to help clear out the cat house! Tell everyone you know about these wonderful kitties! We have to try to relieve some of the burden by finding great homes.
We may not all be in a position to help the sick ones that come across her path, but we can help spread the word about the adoptable ones. If you've ever wanted a new kitty, now's the time! And such sweet kitties to fall in love with!!

Milo and Alfie

Oh Chrystal ~ if only they could all survive. I am sending love and healing thoughts, and Milo and Alfie are sending purrs. Sometimes life seems so cruel and harsh. If only neutering was widespread ~ then every kitten born could have a happy healthy life.
I hope some adoptees appear on your horizon. Those cats SO deserve a loving home of their own.

Your daughters do you proud. Their hearts are as big as yours. Thank you to all of you.

Jan xxx

Deb & The Taylor CatSSSSS



I also have a ChipIn started to help raise funds to help Chrystal's Critters!!!

Love, Deb

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