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Cat's Cats

Oh Chrystal the poor babies! We know they will have the best chance at recovery with you!!! We are praying and purring for them.

Fuzzy Tales

Our loudest purrs and all the universal Light we have, to those poor babies. We'll purray that whatever happens, it's for their Highest Good. You understand that "Highest Good" doesn't always mean what humans would want, though. :-/

P.S. The mom says to tell you she got the stray into a carrier yesterday afternoon--three tries and two carriers, but just a few scratches, no bites. He went to the clinic (must be terrified) and is awaiting vaccs and neutering today. The mom's concerned for him, hoping he does wake up after anesthetic, hoping she *doesn't* get a call saying he's got X, Y, Z wrong and will need a lot of expensive treatment, with no guarantee of outcome. Because she does NOT want to be forced to play "god."

Random Felines

We are purring for you and the kittens. Mom heart breaks for you all....losing tiny lives is so very hard. But, even if they cross the Bridge, they knew some love and safety with you..and sometimes that counts for everything....

 Ginny&the Fur Family

My heart cries for you and for them - the flood claims more victims all the time - animals in the water can only swim for a little short while and if they are lucky enough to touch ground the damage is already done and the poor things get sick from the cold water and people are forced to leave them behind when they have to go real quick - I pray for their little lives and hope the God of all animals hear our prayers out here in blog land. You can save them if anyone can thanks to your daughter they will have love and comfort even for a short time... We here at Fur family home hurt inside when we hear of a sick and dying animal. Our warm wished and prayers through the day and night for the kitties... Gin & The Fur Family

The Poupounette Gang

Ar least someone reached out to them. Well done, once again, and we will cross all paws for the little ones.


Our hearts are breaking and praying for a miracle.
If there is to be one they will be from through your hands from God. We do know that no matter what the outcome, that these little souls will be in the care and comfort of a loving place and that will be more than they knew.....many blessings....

:::life is so unfair::::
Abby & Mom Debra

Andrea & the Celestial Kitties

Oh Chrystal, what a trying time you're in for again. I'm glad you know that everyone is pulling for you and praying for you.
I could almost wish that your heart would harden a little so that if there are losses here that it wouldn't hurt you so badly, but if that were possible you would not be you. Your heart for these storm tossed babies and all the others you take in is what makes you so very special, even in the world of cat lovers you're surrounded with here. Knowing that they will pass the end of their short lives in love and warmth is some comfort, but still heartbreaking. I hope and pray that each one finds strength and responds to care and meds and pull through miraculously.
My heart goes out to you, please accept this virtual hug from me, and I'm sure, everyone of your followers. *HUG!!*


We know those kittens are in the best possible hands and we are sending them strength, perseverance and love.Chrystal, we hope you get a good night's sleep tonight and know that our hearts are with you.
the critters in The Cottage

Deb Steckly

Good thoughts and wishes go to you and the kittens. Bless you for being so kind to help them. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Lee County Clowder

Purrrraying for all those little kittehs.

Milo and Alfie

We are purring and praying for those fur-babies. Thank you so much for helping them.

 Ginny&the Fur Family

Another rainey day - we hope the kitties made it through the night. Some times love makes all the difference to a sick animal. More are in trouble out there in the water. I try not to think of all the poor creatures in trouble out in the water. Thank God for the new cat house. I am sure the sick and lost will be ariving soon. If they are lucky enough to cling to a tree limb or floating something in the water they will try to get to dry land and need help. Chrystal our prayers are for you and your family and all furry ones in your care. --- thinking of you all -- Ginny & The Fur Family

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