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Fuzzy Tales

Purrs to all with this terrible flooding!

We're glad Buttercup was able to be transported--she's a pretty little girl--and hope she'll end up in a wonderful forever home.

In the meantime, good luck--fingers and paws crossed for you all!

Random Felines

Yeah for Buttercup - it may have been a short stay, but one with a happy ending!!

We have been getting lots of rain here in central Ohio, but it doesn't sound like it is as bad here as where you are. I would say try to stay dry, but I think it may be too late for that. :) We will be purrin' for you all (and we are glad you live on a hill).


Hope the flooding stops soon.Hope everyone affected has a dry place to go to and will come home to manageable damage.Ugh. Mother Nature is on a Worldwide Mutiny it would seem :(
Have a safe journey and sweet life Buttercup!
the critters in The Cottage

Amy & The House of Cats

Hi Chrystal! Oh I have been so worried about you down there with the weather the way it has been. I know you aren't that far from one of the rivers, and I am glad you are on a hill - hopefully it won't become an island. I did see the forcast will be for sun starting hopefully this afternoon to the weekend down there - I wish I could send some of our sun that way (though I think the rain will be here this afternoon, not really helping down there since the rivers from from up here down that way). I am glad that you were able to help little Buttercup, even if it was only for a short time. She is adorable and hopefully will find a forever home very soon!

Good luck and hugs (we are purring for the flooding to stop down there right away!)

Milo and Alfie

I so hope the flooding isn't going to affect you directly. I'm so sorry for all those beeing affected too. Stay safe.

I'm so glad Buttercup's tests showed a good result. I hope she soon finds a loving home.

J x

Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

Buttercup is a doll! She should find a forever home in no time!

We're praying for you during this crazy weather ... can you believe we're in the 90's?

Andrea & the Celestial Kitties

Yay for Buttercup! Such a pretty little thing.
Praying that you and all the critters make it through without any problems!

Come on people, adopt some of her kitties and doggies so she has less to worry about! Trust me, you'll be soooooo glad you did!

I'm talking to you.. you know who you are.. sitting there right now, knowing that one of those kitties is calling to you, knowing how much you'd love to have him or her.. You've been looking at that kitty thinking, if only.. I would get that bundle of fur and make it a forever home here..
Let me tell you, what ever your 'if only' is, distance, timing, whatever.. it can be overcome. Too far away? There are people all over the cat blogosphere who'd be thrilled to transport! Timing? Kitty can wait a while, look at Alice who's going to her home in May! Anything else? Say what it is and we will all help you get the kitty of your dreams!

Happily plugging for Chrystal,
Andrea, Star and Leo the Chinese Lion, one of Chrystal's babies!


We just saw on the TV where they blew up that levee. Unbelievable.I will pray that things dramatically improve in your area and that you remain safe as well as your parents.
That is all so scary.
Glad for the news on Buttercup and indeed she is on her way to her forever home.

purrs, prayers and headbutts
Abby & Mom Debra

Cat's Cats

I am so happy that Buttercup's heartworm was negative! We hope she finds a safe and loving home soon :-)

We are so sad for everyone who has been forced to evacuate their homes...how terrible! Fingers crossed that the rain stops before there any tragedies.

 Ginny&the Fur Family

All the good people on the blogs have the right idea. I second them. Butter cup is a sweetie. Please adopt a furry friend for mothers day. Give mom the present that keeps on giving. Give love to the one you love. Anyone who is lonly can solve the problem with a furry cuddle kittie for their pillow at night. I would not take a fortune for Ms. Cat alis Hiedi - who purs me to sleep every night. Fur is warmth fur is love. We are dealing with the flood as a member of our family is flooded out and all those people out there have my prayers and sympathy -I am so glad the kennel and cat houses are not under water. It is hard to find places for pets of people who are flooded. We have a cage set up in our garage and a mom and 3 kitties are all fine and making it. We will have a small dog here in another cage in the garage tomorrow night. We all could use that ark in some of the areas - hopefully this will soom pass away and after much work - people will start to have normal lives once again .. lets hear it for Chrystal the friend of all Furry ones even ones with feathers who come her way get help and love. Ginny & The Fur Family

The Poupounette Gang

The flooding sounds so awful. We are glad that you are on a hill but feel sad for all the others who have had to evacuate.

Wishing Buttercup a life full of love and joy.

Purrs and Woofs,
The Chans and Tommy

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