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Random Felines

Thank you for this update. It came at a very bad moment for us and knowing you have placed 3 great cats and now have a little more space gives us hope. Purrs for the little ones. And enjoy your vacation - you deserve it!!

The Monkeys

Congratulations to Older Daughter! I can see why you're so proud!

Congratulations to Alice, Handsome and Possum! What a fabulous home to go to!

P.S. I just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email yesterday :)!

Fuzzy Tales

Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation--all the hard work and dedication paying off. :-)

And a HUGE HURRAH for Alice, Handsome and Possum! Wow, three kitties adopted is fabulous.

Enjoy your well-earned holiday and we'll look forward to news about the memorial bricks.

Lots of (((hugs))) and Light.

Goldie Goodwin

So happy about placing three kitties with your family! I am so so sorry about Elfius and Scroungy. Had been reading about it but after blogger went down I was worried about leaving a comment until blogger had stablized.
Elfius knew love and maybe that was his entire purpose. Perhaps he will join Winnie and they will be together. She can show him the ropes. Let's hope so. Scroungy couldn't have had a better life and a more loving family. I wish he didn't have to leave you. The love he gave and received goes on forever. I tend to believe he'll still be around.. maybe in another form, but he'll be there.
I didn't realize you would be leaving for vacation so soon. I was really interested in a couple of the just saved kittens, and since I live in Georgia it would have been perfect. Oh well.
You have been a highlight for me. I am happy you are taking a break. It's important and necessary for you to recharge your batteries so when you come back you can be ready for the next trial that heads your way.
Find some serenity on vacation. My best to you and your family.
Goldie Goodwin

The Poupounette Gang

A lovely post full of hope. May the seven little ones find the best Forever Homes. And may you have a wonderful vacation. Scroungy will be in your thoughts but also forever in your heart.

Can't wait to hear about the bricks!

And congrats again to Eldest Daughter!

From everyone at
The Poupounette

 Ginny&the Fur Family

So much good news today. I am so happy for older daughters graduation and new job- and the 3 adoptions are special because you can hear about how they all are. Maybe you can put a picture of them at their new home from time to time - we have gotten to know Alice Handsome and Possum and will miss seeing them- Have a good rest at your favorite vacation spot. I hope the whole family can go with you. looking forward to seeing the new bricks. Prayers for Scroungy over the bridge and little Elfius is at rest. You deserve a rest dear friend... we here at the Fur family home will be thinking about you and wishing you well... Ginny & The Fur Family


Enjoy your vacation, you more than deserve it.
When you return I have something very special I have made for you in memory of Scroungy.
Have a safe trip and enjoy every moment with your

Cat's Cats

No matter how much we try, we cannot prepare for tragedy. It does not matter what our heads know, our hearts override all logic.

Congratulations to your daughter on her fantastic achievement!!! She will be a wonderful and compassionate advocate for animals and their care.

It is such great news that Alice is joined by Possum and Handsome, what a lovely trio they are and will bring your sister and brother in law years of joy I know :-) Alice and Possum were the old guard at the cathouse so I am very glad that they found their turn finally came (and of course Handsome too)!

Have a super holiday Chrystal :-)

Mindy Slimmer

What a great weekend you had!! Thanks so much for sharing the joy and fun with us! Congrats Karly!!

I'm so glad that my two favorite boy kitties got homes with Miss Alice!! Yep...been praying for those two boys!!

Have a great vacation and try to dwell on the happy and not the hurt!!

Much luv,
Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Puggums


Three together is Purrfect !!

Enjoy your vacation ... you deserve it.

Meowm, Junior and Orion

WOO HOO!!! Three adoptions!!! And to a great home! That is so wonderful!

Concatulations to your daughter on her awesome accomplishment!

Go enjoy your vacation. Rest, relax, renew! You deserve it!

Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

What a great post today!!! So much happiness coming on the heels of such deep sadness. Thank heavens for days like this that keep us going!

Such wonderful news about Alice, Possum and Handsome! Good luck little ones!

Congrats Older Daughter!

Now the big question ... how will we all survive for two weeks without your wonderful stories???

Amy & The House of Cats

Hi Chrystal! Congrats to your daughter on graduating - that is just so wonderful and special! And wow, what amazing news that Alice, Handsome and Possum all are going to live togehter with your sister and brother-in-law! That is just so great that they will be together!

And wow, I didn't realize you were leaving so quick after graduation - I was sending something down but now I will wait to do that so you will be there when it arrives. Have a wonderful trip!!


Congratulations on your eldest daughter's graduation.It's wonderful that somene as special as she is will be helping animals.You must be proud!Great news that your sister and b-in-law will be taking three kitties! Wow! And better still, you will be able to get regular updates.Sweet.Good luck to the pile of sweet kitten fluff in finding great homes.Have a well deserved holiday Chrystal. We hope you see Scroungy in your dreams:)
the critters in The Cottage

Liz Garcia

Congratulations to Older Daughter and have a wonderful vacation...


I am so happy for Alice, Possum and Handsome! That is just beyond fabulous. I know that these three are destined for that happily ever after home.
What a terrific accomplishment for your Daughter. She has your compassion, and will do wonderful in her chosen profession. And now Scroungy and Elfius; it will take your heart a long long time to heal from this and there is no way that one can ever prepare themselves, no matter how hard they try. But I am sure that you know that Scroungy had the best of lives and he loved and was loved in return, it was good. Poor sweet little Elfius is so much harder to understand. To be brought into this world and then to pass through so quickly...I am so happy to see those sweet kitten faces going off to their new adventures and life.
Hope you vacation renews your spirits and that you have safe travels.
Abby & MOm Debra

Lee County Clowder

Not gonna guarantee this was the oath your are talking about, but we found a Veterinary Technician's Oath a few places on the web. This is one - http://www.purdue.edu/svmengaged/p12/Oath

I solemnly dedicate myself
to aiding animals and society
by providing excellent care
and services for animals,
by alleviating animal suffering,
and by promoting public health.

I accept my obligations to practice
my profession conscientiously
and with sensitivity, adhering to
the profession's Code of Ethics,
and furthering my knowledge
and competence through a
commitment to lifelong learning.

Milo and Alfie

Congratulations to your lovely daughter on her graduation. And I'm thrilled for Alice, Handsome and Possum! And the little flood kittens back to health to, with a promise of a happy future.
Of course none of these wonderful events changes the sorrow caused by the loss of much loved fur babies ~ and beloved Scroungy and Elfius will always be in our collective hearts.

Enjoy your well earned break.

Jan x

Deb & The Taylor CatSSSSS

Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation,she is indeed perfectly suited to her chosen profession!!!

THREE KITTIES ADOPED???? THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!Alice, Handsome and Possum!!! What a great trio!




We're so glad that the events of the weekend brought some sunshine in the midst of such deep and profound sorrow. Congratulations to your Older Daughter on her graduation, and to Possum, Alice and Handsome (and their new family), too. And having those seven babies going off to the shelter where they can be adopted is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us ... your pain and your joy ... we celebrate and appreciate you, and all that you do.

Have a great, and well-deserved vacation, dear friend.

 Ginny&the Fur Family

Dear Chrystal and family.. have a great vacation and may the sun shine every day as you set on the porch and drink coffee out of a soup bowl.I can see you all now enjoying just resting and eating out in a favorite resturant --walking throught the shade of the palm trees and buying a new pink flamingo to bring home -- we miss your post but we will be here when you return. warm wishes - Ginny & The fur Family

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