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The Poupountte

We really hope your weather settles down soon!

Congrats to "Elder Daughter" on her part-time job, and good luck in studying for the Boards. It sounds like she will make the best vet tech ever!

We were delighted to see that Pixie was adopted, and are crossing paws for many more to come!

Purrs, Woofs, Neighs and Hugs,
The Poupounette Gang

Fuzzy Tales

Congrats to your elder daughter on the part-time job, and to Pixie on being adopted! Great news!

We'll look forward to the news re: the memorial bricks.

Cat's Cats

Hearty congratulations to your daughter on her new part-time position, we know now that she is on the job the animals will get extra special love and attention!

YAY for Pixie :-)


Congratulations to your daughter on evrything she has done and will do in her future. She is a very special young lady.
So happy for Pixie.
Try to stay dry.

Random Felines

YEAH for Pixie!!! How great she was adopted over the weekend!!! Congrats to Older Daughter on the part time job and we have ours paws crossed for her testing. If she is like you, we have no doubt she will be a great tech.

Mom has decided that is may end up being good we live on the 2nd floor if the rain here keeps up. April showers in this case just seems to be leading to more rain. MOL

Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

Wow ... more exciting news.

Congrats Older Daughter, you are going to make such a big difference in the lives of a whole lot of critters!

And hooray for Pixie!

Katnip Lounge

ConCats on all your good news, I'm wonderind what the tidbit might be...

You box went out in the mail on Sat. You *may* notice that there's loose catnip in the box, you can thank The Baby! She opened up a package of nip I had in there. I put in a new one but left the crumbs for a little added extra fun, the box is purrfectly cat-sized.

Trish xx


Hooray for little Pixie. Have a wonderful life little one.
Congratulations to your daughter on her summer job.It won't be long now until she is a Graduate. Very exciting for her:)
Hope the weather settles.Oh Mother Nature, you have everyone turned around these days!!
the critters in The Cottage


Wonderful wonderful news! For both Pixie and daughter!

Maybe it's just me.. but it seems like when one particular animal is featured, asking for a home, that they get snapped up before too long. (I know Leo didn't go that way, lol, I was begging for him without him even being on the Winnie's wish list!) Perhaps each week should be Somebody's Week?
Say pick a kitty or doggie and every day that week, no matter what else you're blogging, say something about them, personality, quirk, adorable-ness, and that they NEED a home now!! Then see what happens?
Anyway, just a thought..

Come on people! Adopt a kitty or doggie from Chrystal! They are the best animals in the world! So cared for, so sweet, so just the best thing you'll ever do! AND you get the satisfaction of knowing that you made room for one more unfortunate animal to move in! What an amazing thing that is!!

Oh, and I definitely want a brick! Or should I say that Leo has demanded one? lol
Are you looking at having them carved? I don't know if it's different because it's outdoors at your place, but the church we share a building with does bricks and they use a sharpie. Sharpie's can withstand a lot of abuse.. And, for an extra cost to cover postage both ways, perhaps people could be sent their brick, get to decorate it themselves, and send it back??
Carved ones are beautiful too though!
Doesn't matter what way you go, I'm getting one!

Sorry I'm rambling today.. But Yay! Glad for all your good news!


Hurray for Pixie!
That is great news!
Our weekend adoption ended up with NADA. Not one adoption.
Some weeks are simply better than others.
But we just keep trying.
GOOD news for Daughter #1!!!

purrs and nosekisses
Abby & Mom Debra

 Ginny&the Fur Family

We here are so happy that Pixie got adopted.Good bye dear Pixie -happy new forever home. Your older daughter will lift the spirits of all the furry ones in the shelter. The job is great news she has the ability to know when they are sick and need a vet and she will give them all extra love. We are so glad you are not in the flood zone-My husband went to Metro to help move someone out as the water is rushing onto the property. What we need is an Ark. A row boat would not hold 4 dogs and my cats. The Fur family home is on dry land. Many are not and it becomes a real tragedy when the people wont leave their pets and no hotel will take more than one or two with a large deposit. We do hope you have some more adoptions in the next couple of weeks. I could second almost every thing Andrea said - I want to know more about the bricks. I want my bricks for animals who have gone on over the bridge. I want them remembered- they deserve to never be forgotten. Let us know more as you figure it all out. You are the best mom for the Furry friends. You love them all. Warm Wishes - Ginny & The fur Family

candace nagle

It took a lot of work for your daughter to get where she is...what dedication! And Pixie, who looks so happy in his picture, is going to make his forever family a very joyous bunch indeed. He looks like a fun little guy...ready to go explore the world. It warms my heart to think of him safe and cared for. The work you and your family are doing is sacred...thank you.

Lee County Clowder

Way to go, Pixie. We hope you have a grand life in your new furrrever home.

Milo and Alfie

Huge congrats to your daughter. And love and luck to sweet little Pixie for her new life in her furever home.

J x

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