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Fuzzy Tales

You have a VERY sneaky vet. LOL.

Magic's story was great. Perhaps Kovu mewed in his tiny ear from the Bridge, telling the soon-to-be-named Magic that here were GOOD people!

Amy & The House of Cats

Wow what a story! Barney was left at the front door of our vets - luckily in a box because there is traffic there. I came in a day or so later and was in love. So I kind of understand the whole thing. And boy, it is amazing that he went running to your daughter - he had to know she was a good person who loved animals - what a smart guy!

Cat's Cats

What a great story!!! I think it is funny that he ran right to your daughter, usually they would run the other way! So it was kismet and you didn't stand a chance - LOL!


Magic, INDEED!
I do hope that Magic is still celebrating his Halloween Gotcha Day!
What a wonderful inspirational story.


We love the story of Magic!

Nubbin wiggles,


I've been reading thru all your blog entries - LOVE your story. You've mentioned you frequently have a problem feeding canned food to your kittens and have to feed moistened, kitten chow. Have you ever tried Royal Canin Baby Cat? It is a dried food that is so tiny, it will bring a smile to your face the first time you see it:-)
I have a hard time judging sizes correctly (and I don't have any on hand - I sent my last bag to the shelter with my last batch of kittens), but I think the kibble is about 1/8"? The smaller 3.5 lb bag has 13 cups of food in it - which is actually a LOT of food when it comes to those itty bitty kittens. (Even better, the last time I was at Petsmart, I noticed it is finally available in a larger size bag.)
It is, of course, definitely more expensive than Kitten Chow. However, as a starting point for those very young kittens, it may be worth it, at least for short term use. I've had REALLY good luck with it, and I've noticed all my kittens that started out on it have developed absolutely GORGEOUS coats while eating it.
I had started my last batch of 5-6 week old ferals on canned food, but it was apparently too rich for them. Between the canned food (the coccidia the vet found), they eventually developed diarrhea. So I switched them over to entirely Baby Cat. They made the switch with no fuss. A couple actually preferred the dry food.
One advantage I've found with the Baby Cat is that it's so small, they can eat it without it being moistened. So, if they're healthy and I'm not worried about monitoring food intake, I can leave it out and allow the kittens to free feed. I won't do that with moistened food without worrying about the possibility of food poisoning (especially in the Deep South!)


PS - After reading your blog, I must admit how extremely lucky I've been in my limited foster experiences. The most difficulty I've had with any of my fosters has been a bout with coccidia, and I've never had a foster pass away on me. I'm sure as I sneak more fosters in, that sad event will someday occur. I know no matter what you tell yourself, you can never really prepare yourself for it.
At this point, I'm what I call an "accidental foster" - if a kitten finds me, I foster it until it is old enough/tame enough to go to the shelter - IF hubby allows it. My husband is the final say-so because he loves animals nearly as much as I, and he just cannot handle fostering. He cannot handle turning the animal over to the shelter. (He's also afraid that once they come into the house, they'll never leave!)

Pam Graves & the Califurrrrr5

What a wonderful Halloween story. Magic is absolutely gorgeous. What a smart boy to run right to Younger Daughter. Love the big pumpkins!

 Ginny&the Fur Family

If you hear a strange knock at your door Halloween night it might be a giant Mouse - Magic is the true picture of the Halloween Cat. The kind you color pictures of in Grade School. My girls used to bring home cut outs of pumpkins and black cats at this time of year. The pumpkins and moon are the perfect touch for the end of the story. I love Magic's story. What better place to find a cat hanging in a tree than at the Veterinarian Office. It is like when you come through the door at the super market,a bell rings,baloons fall down, you are the 500 th shopper and you win the prize. So unexpected, yet wonderful that you and your daughter were there at the exact time and place to win the cat of the day.. It's Magic...Love to you, your family, and your furry creatures --Ginny and the Fur family--Owner of 4 black cats acquired in unexpected ways.

Milo and Alfie

What a beautiful magical Halloween story!

Jan xx

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