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Amy & The House of Cats

Ok, how amazing that this all happened this way - you were meant to find that little girl, there is no doubt in my mind! I did a very quick post about her and asked my followers to come by and wish her well - maybe that can get you some more permanent followers too!

And oh, Winnie, what a cutie she is - as all little gray kittens are she looks like a half mouse/half alien baby (our Lola did, and so do most gray kittens - and I admit I fall for that look every time!) We are sending her lots of big purrs and prayers to get better!!

 Ginny&the Fur Family

You have once again been sent out on a mission and almost a mission impossible. Who knows why Winnie walked out on the road at that time? Maybe it was her last day and a guardian angle of kittens pushed her on the the road to give her one last chance -She looks 80% better in just the small time you and your daughters have cared for her.I pray the smell you smelled was not the bodys of her brothers and sisters. Did you see anything in the weeds? She would have been afriad to leave them if they were with her. Poor little Winnie. Now she has a chance. I have tears in my eyes as I pray for her to live and have a good life. The lives of each are precious. Prayers to Winnie.

Katnip Lounge

May God Bless you. My heart is breaking for this little one. Winnie, you have made it this far, I hope you have the strength to make it all the way. Prayers be with you.

MomKat Trish


Lucky, lucky little Winnie.
We are sending purrs to you and your amazing family.
Love & Purrs,
KC & Kitties

The Poupounette Gang

We came over from House of Cats. What a story and how wonderful of you to work so hard to save this little one. At the very least, she has now experienced that people can be kind. We hope that she will thrive.

The Poupounette Gang
in France


Oh, how fortunate for her that you crossed paths and rescued her. Wintergreen -- or Winnie cleaned up nicely. We hope she will make a full recovery and be healthy.


Hi there, I heard about you from Amy and the House of Cats. Wow what a story that is! You were certainly fated to meet Wintergreen, that is for sure. What a good soul you are to take her in when you are already full up. She just looks like the sweetest thing and certainly much perkier in her after picture! I just can't begin to imagine what the little girl has been through. So lucky that she found her way to you!!!!!


Hi! I just came over from Amy and the House of Cats. Sweet little Winnie already looks better and my paws are crossed tightly for her to gets well very soon!

Wiggles & Wags,


WE came via Amy and the House of Cats....
What a story...this was simply meant to be.
We think Winnie is a fighter and we are so happy that you have taken her in.


The Taylor CatSSSSS

OH MY GOODNESS, what a story! Winnie, poor little sweetie, I fell in love with her too! God put you at the right place at the right time to save this little angel. All the Taylor CatSSSSS will be purring very hard for this little one. The difference between the two pictures is just amazing. Bless you and your family!

Love, Deb

Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

What an amazing story!!!
We will purr very hard for Winnie,
She is SO cute!!!
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie


I also came fwom Amy and the House of catses to wead this stowy and send ouw love and best wishes and pwayews that this little angel kittie suwvives wif youw loving cawe..I hope you get those sponsows and gween papews to help you too
smoochie kisses
pee ess my Daddi lost his jobs , othewwise i wouuld help you

 Ginny&the Fur Family

It is so great that people are dropping by with prayers and encourgement to you for saving this sweet kitty. So many great friends out there are united in the love of animals and furry friends -. keep us all posted on Winnie and her progress -the world with animal love is a better world for all.

Pam Graves

Winnie is the luckiest little girl in the world. The California 5 will be purrayering for her and you all.

I don't know what I am more excited about ... that you found Winnie or that 13 people have read and commented today. It's starting ........... I hope they grow to love your blog as much as I do!


What an amazing series of events that led to Winnie being with you. Thank you for rescuing her! Please keep us posted on her progress ... we will be praying and purring for you all. :)

Lee County Clowder

Welcome to your second, much better chance at life, Winnie. It is pretty clear someone decided you were SUPPOSED to find her. Please do keep us updated on Winnie's recovery.

Sending healing purrrrsss and gentle headbuttss to you all.

Nico, Simon & JayJay

We came over from Amy & The House of Cat's blog to read this terrible/wonderful story. Our Mom made it through the thing without crying (which is rare for her) but when she saw the first picture she started to tear up. We are so happy that someone special found this little girl & have all of our paw/fingers crossed that she continues to improve!

We are purring for her to make a speedy recovery!!

~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

ps.It's so nice to meet you! We'll be back to read about Winnie's progress!

cats of wildcat woods

Glad she found you - I have seen kittens worse than her and they didn't make it so I hope and pray she does. She has a strong will and fate intervened in her favor with you coming along. I will post this on my Twitter!


We are purring for sweet little Winnie. We came over from Amy and the House of Cats to see how she was doing. Thank you for being there for this little one.

ozark Mountain Cats

We wish the baby lots of luck with her recovery.

Milo and Alfie

Winnie so deserves to survive. She is clearly a fighter. We will pray and purr that the tretment saves her and that she can find a loving forever home.
Thank you so much for taking her in and doing your best. You are an Angel and i think you were meant to find her.


Bless you and your daughter for taking this sweet kitten and showing her so much love! I am not even religious but saying "Bless You' is the ONLY thing that seems like the right response to this story. What a strong, brave and lucky kitty Winnie is. I hope she survives. One day at a time is best. Once she is strong and if you can't take her, then you wil lfind her a worthy home I am sure of it.

Single in the city - with cat (s)

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