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The Poupounette Gang

We all shared your pain and are glad that we were able to make you feel even a tiny bit better.

We have added you to our list of favourite blogs and look forward to some great stories in the future!

Amy & The House of Cats

First, thank you for thanking us - but honestly you are the one who did so much - and do so much every day! We feel so honored to have found you and your blog, and to have been lucky enough to get to know Winnie and all the others you have helped. We may not always comment (I am horrible about getting behind) but we always read them all. Winnie was one of those special little babies who come along and bring people together, even though they are around for only a short time. I know I will still cry when I think about little Winnie, but I will know that she was very truly loved by so many, and that makes me happy. And believe me, she will be well taken care of at the bridge - I asked our boy Floyd to be sure and take care of her - and he was a big boy so she is in good paws! Even though she is gone we are sure that she has to feel all the love coming her way at the bridge!

And as I emailed back, I am not at all surprised at the outpouring of love and support from the CB (and some of the dog blogosphere too - I saw a few of our doggie friends in the mix - yeah, I went and read the comments too). The animal bloggers seem to be an exceptionally caring and supportive bunch!


Little Winnie has a home in all of our hearts along with the love and care you gave to her. She and her tiny life will not be forgotten, ever.

Be kind to yourselves over the next while. Work to save tiny lives is emotionally draining as it connects directly to the pain inside all of us. Take some time to recover and heal.

We will be thinking of you.

Whicky Wuudler
& Family


We went back and revised our 2nd post of the day to include Winnie. She was part of the blogging community, even if for a very short time.

We are sad that you went through so much so quickly. As Whicky wrote, this type of situation is very draining. Having an outlet to express your grief and to be able to communicate with others who understand your pain is part of the blogging community. We don't all have the same experiences but eventually we all cry the same tears.

The Misadventures of Me

Oooooo the mom, she is leaking again. She has been there, with a tiny kit, whose mother would not take care of her. She sat with it as you did, until the end. It hurts because you beans CARE SO MUCH for us furry kids, we know. Don't give up, Winnie may have been here for a short time, but in that time she was shown what true love really is!

headbutts and purrs

I is Jake!

Mom Laure

The Taylor CatSSSSS

Poor little one. She was loved.

Junior & Orion

Goodness, we missed this story over the last couple of days. Winnie truly was a sweet little angel. She was a tough one...she held out long enough to learn what it was like to be loved. It is truly sad that she didn't get to feel that love for longer, but you did give her the very best gift of her short life. We are sending you and yours tons of hugs and gentle headbutts.


Tiny, sweet Winnie, I'm so glad that she rests with your other loved ones in your pet cemetery.

I saw Winnie's angel graphic on the CB and immediately posted it to my blog. She will have a home on my sidebar to remind us all how precious life is.

Sweet Praline

My mom has leaky eyes (and she is at work). We admire you and your family so much for giving these little kittens a chance at happiness. Please know that our thoughts, purrs, and prayers are with you.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

We did not know Winnie til today when we came to visit from Jan's Funny Farm blog. Oh, today is such a day, my heart feels like it is squeezing the tears that are coming from my eyes. Truly that is how it feels. One is strong, one thinks...and then something steals our hearts, that little Wintergreen...

The Island Cats

Whenever someone in the catblogosphere loses a furbaby, it is as if we all have lost one. Even one who was with us for such a short time like sweet Winnie. We send comforting purrs to help you during this sad time.

Wally, Ernie, Zoey & mom Sue

Daisy the Curly Cat

I am so sorry tiny Winnie had to go to the Bridge. I am comforted to know that she was surrounded by love in her final hours. Soft purrs to you.


What a beautiful little girl. I'm glad Wintergreen had you, even if for too short a time.



I too am new to your blog, from the CB, but that didn't stop me from crying over little Winnie. I am soooo glad that she found you in her time of need. She found love and comfort to ease her on her way. God Bless You and thank you.
Soft Purrs and Hugs to you and your family and Blessings to Winnie at the Bridge.


We send our purrs to you, we are so very, very sorry. She knew she was loved and that she mattered.

Camie's Kitties

We were sorry to hear that Winnie had such a short amount of time with you. But as someone said when I lost a cat a little over a year after I got her, it's not the amount of time you have her, if she's in your heart, it's going to hurt. I hope you find comfort in knowing that she went to the Bridge knowing she was loved and special. That is the best gift you could have given her.

Tavi, Cody and Gracie

The Rocky Mount Meezers

We saw on the CB about Winnie, and we are sending our strongest purrs and purrayers to you to help you get over the loss of your sweet baby girl. As short of a time that you had her, we know that she was loved and that she loved you.
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

 Ginny&the Fur Family

Dear bloger my internet went off early and just came back on and have been reading all the sweet and beautiful tributes to Winnie - Her picture was so nice because it showed her so very much loved at the end. The little grave for her was a showing of how much she was loved in her short life. I thought of her all day and night and still am thinking or her spirit and soul. My Sabrina will see her on the other side of the bridge. I lost her last month in spite of all I could do. Prayers for the soul of all spirit cats who have crossed over and especially to dear little Winnie.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

We agree with all of those who said Winnie was meant to find you. The poor little kitten experienced so much love and care in the short time she was with you. She's permanently alive in your heart and that would never have happened if you hadn't found her.

(((Hugs))) Purrs and Prayers

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


It is so wonderful to know there is so many people out there who really and truly care about animals.
You see so much cruelty, sometimes you feel like it is hopeless and a losing battle, but maybe if we all keep up the good fight, maybe someday we can win all the battles.
Bless all of you who care so much. GoD bless Winnie I truly believe she was sent as an ANGEL MESSENGER


What a wonderful tribute to such a beautiful tiny soul. We do believe that you were meant to be on that road at that moment because somehow Winnie knew you would stop to help her. Just for the briefest of time she reached out and you knelt down and scooped her up and gave her the comfort, the love, the acceptance she had not had. There is no amount that is too little or too much. Yes, Winnie had the briefest of lives, but what she had in the final hours was more than so many receive.

All of us here understand the sadness in your heart and we all send you healing thoughts to help. But it is with that wounded heart that the memory of that dear sweet tiny soul will reside and never leave.

She left her mark and as hard as it is to understand why she had to endure the hardships there was more than can be understood by her chance encounter with you.

We thank you for sharing her with us as short as it was, she touched so many with her shining light, and now her light will be shared with those that crossed before.

{{{hugs and whisker purrs}}}

Lee County Clowder

Sending comforting purrrss to you and your daughters. Winnie knew love and safety, and she did not die alone. We're just sorry she only had one day in your life -- in all our lives.



I've been around a long time, in a very loving home. I know that I'm one of the lucky ones. Thank you for giving Winnie that even if for just a short time. A name, a home, love and a sense of self. I know that she now dances at the Rainbow Bridge and she has not forgotten you or your many kindnesses.

Purrs from me and hugs from Mom.

The Meezers

thank you very much for taking in beautiful Winnie and showing her love. All she knew at the end was warmth and safe and love all around her. There is no greater gift than giving your heart unconditionally, no matter for an hour, a day or years.

Pam Graves

As everyone has said, thank you. Once again, you have show your amazing love for these sweet little lost critters. And to the CB, what a beautiful caring bunch you are. To those of you who haven't read all of this blog, please do so. It is filled with such sweet stories!

Purrs from Pam and the Califurrrrrnia5

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