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Ginny& the Fur Family

I love the little tuff of hair under Zen's chin. She is just the kind of kitty I love. She is black and white. I would take her in a minute if she didn't need to be an only cat. I see that you might have to convert another run into a sanctuary for Zen. She needs her own home, but back with you is the best place for her right now. Is that an option? Thank god for people like older daughter. I feed a family of raccoons and one lost possum here at night. Their mother was killed on our road. She was a big one. Prayers that the one older has will survive. I do love all furry and feathered creatures. Bless you older. We all love what you do to help them. Chrystal - trust your inner self and the answer will come to you. We are all with you. The building will come with trust.

Random Felines

those single cats are so hard sometimes....but the right people do come along. it can be so frustrating though. we are glad that Whim & Arthur's people are going to try to make it work

Maria in FL

Oh, I am so sad for Zen,and for you, Chrystal. You need your dog runs for your kennel business! I am so righteously angry at Zen's adopter! That poor baby should not be in this position. I will never understand some people!! I'm hoping and praying and sharing for adoptions for Winnie's Wish, Chrystal!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

I am so late commenting on both today's and yesterdays post! What a horrible run of just yucky news! I don't understand how someone can give up their babies! I am praying hard for adoptions! Lots of adoptions! Especially for the single only Kitties so you can free up your kennel runs!
Friends, we have to share the kitties on the side bar and the new returns! We have to help because it's just not going to get done without us!

Don't forget donations and wish list items!!!


8 years....how? I really just can't imagine giving up my child(ren). Ever.

Ginny& the Fur Family

Saturday I had to have my porch feral cat Scruffy put to sleep. He came up here four years ago. A cat who had known nothing but pain his whole life. His tail had been broken in two places and he had a crooked leg that was also broke in three places and some how it got to where he could put weight on it . I doctored him with antibiotics and pain meds for over four years. We built a heated house on the porch for him. I loved him with all my heart and could never touch him to help him. He had never known the human touch. I tried many times to trap him to take him to the vet but never could. Friday I found him unable to walk or stand laying in my drive way. I brought him inside and caged him and hoped he would come around. He could look at me and drink water from a dropper. Sat. I got him to the vet and after an x-ray it was discovered his back was broken in three places and he was in agony. I had to let him go. I petted his poor head and looked into his eyes and told him how much he had been loved and would always be loved and remembered. He gazed into my eyes and went to sleep with my hand on his face. His first human touch and now his pain is finally over and he is in a better place - They world is not good for feral furrys. Haven is so much better. Prayers for the soul of dear Scruffy. I cry as I write this. Love is forever. Run free dear one over the rainbow bridge and chase mice in haven. He is buried in our pet cemetery at the only home he has ever known.


Ginny. I'm SO sorry about your Scruffy. I have, again, emailed you numerous times. Are you not getting any of my emails again?

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