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Liz Garcia

I have tears reading this, but you are right, she doesn't know and would probably only react to your feelings..She will be happy for 6 months..

Random Felines

getting news like that is hard for us....but you are right to remember that so long as she is feeling good, that is what matters

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

I'm sorry for the diagnosis. It's not easy, loving our furry family members who just don't ever live long enough. But she has time and she's happy and she knows she's loved. Trust yourself to know that she'll let you know when it's time. Until then, just keep loving her and enjoying her presence! I know you know all of this, so I don't know why I feel compelled to say it. Still, sending love and hugs.

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Cats of wildcat woods

Oh no. I am sorry for this disgnosis. Hoping forbmire time for Muffin. Love does work wonders.


I love your attitude. A friend helped me understand that animals live in the moment. They don't think about what they ate yesterday or what they might do tomorrow. You are so right to shower Muffin with positive energy. When the illness becomes too much and Muffin is less because of it, you will lovingly help her over the Bridge. You are an angel to animals!

Ginny& the Fur Family

My daughter has a cat who had breast cancer surgery and is still alive and seems to feel alright and eats good - like Murrin, it could not be seen, unless felt for. Would surgery do anything? It is so hard to let go of a beloved pet. You have our prayers for dear Muffin. At my age I have out lived so many dear pets and I still love every one. Love never dies as long as someone remembers. Love is forever even after forever. Please adopt a pet for Crystal and Muffin.

Karen Lucas

So heartbreaking and Mandy will be heartbroken too. But love and hugs and happy times while Muffin still feels good. This is just too many though

Maria in FL

Oh Crystal, you've had so much furry sadness the past few months! I am so sorry that the diagnosis wasn't a better one. However, who is luckier than Muffin? Having lived in your home, experiencing your overwhelming love, Muffin is truly one of the lucky ones. Here's hoping he has many more months of pain free life, but when the time comes, he will leave this earth knowing how much he was loved and cherished. I would wish this and nothing more for every single animal on the planet!


Chrystal, so sorry you have come home to more sadness. But I'm glad you caught it before Muffin started to feel bad so you can make her life as easy as possible going forward. All your charges are so lucky to have you and your family.

Ellen Pilch

I will add Muffin to my prayer list.

Myra Wood Bennett

Oh girl, SO sorry! Mama just knew didn't she, she knew that something wasn't just right with her girl. I know you are sad but here is another side of this. What if she had passed while you were gone? She didn't, you and she both waited for you to enjoy your much needed and deserved vacay and now you are back home, getting back in your routine, and now a new one begins with her. Yep, nothing but loving eyes, smiles, and words for this sweet girl. They can be taken from us suddenly, but you know there is some more time ahead. Thinking of you and this sweet girl as you begin her trip toward and across the rainbow bridge. XOXOX...Myra


I'm so sorry to hear this diagnosis, Chrystal. You are so right, though. Muffin only knows that she loves you, and that she is loved and cared for. So we will pray that each and every day you have with her is good and happy and pure. Hugs to you, dear friend.

John Bellen

More bad news, more grieving, is not what you need. But you are right: Muffin is oblivious to this and knows only that her family is back and it's time to start having fun again. Perhaps she has only a few months, but those will equal years to a human. Who knows how much joy a happy and loved dog can pack into six months? Muffin knows, and she'll tell you.


I am truly from the bottom of my heart sorry to hear this. I do have to say that thank God she is wiggling at the door. She is not miserable or in pain. My love had no outward indications except that she stayed curled up in a ball, hidden somewhere and would not eat. Her diagnosis ("a few months ahead) and her misery caused me to help her cross over right away....as my heart ripped from my chest. "C" sucks to no end and there is nothing I can say to make it any better. But please feel blessed that you have time to adjust and you have time to spoil her even more than she already is. Sending love, hugs and prayers that till the very end she is wiggling.

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