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Ginny& the Fur Family

My heart breaks for you in your grief. We will all wish Benji a loving fare well into the place with no pain. The forever dream of better things. He fought a valiant fight. The body just gave out. It is so hard to let them go. We are never ready. We do it for them. All you do Chrystal is for all them. You give them your best. You make their lives so much better. Benji had a good life because you loved him so much. Prayers for the soul of sweet Benji.

The Poupounette Gang

Chrystal, perhaps without knowing it, you have answered your own saddest statement in your post. You said that Benji could not accept love, but then you wrote: "He hated to be petted or even touched. But he always found me in whatever room I was in. And his little face was there in the window when we would pull into the driveway after being away." Do you see? He did know he was loved, and he did accept it. He just couldn't show it in any of the regular ways. You made that little guy's life, and he loved you with all his heart. Benji was so lucky in his difficult life. Now give yourself a little credit. No. A lot of credit. Benji was loved and he loved you. Be at peace. little Benji.

Random Felines

we are so very sorry.....even though we all know that letting them go may be what is best for them, it never gets any easier.


Chrystal I am so very sorry. It's seems such a trivial thing to say when one's heart is broken, but each time one of our beloveds leaves us it takes a small part of our heart with them. We are always left here wondering, did we do the right thing, did we do all we could, even if we know we did we still question ourselves because our hearts want what they always do, safe happy healthy animals. I don't have any answers as I still search for them myself,even after nearly 4 years since I lost my little soul kitty. Maybe one day we will know when we are all reunited for that is all I can reach for. God bless.

Goldie Goodwin

Little Benji did know he was loved. You gave him way more than anybody else. That photo of him looking out the window is evidence he was happy with his family, even though he didn't appear to show it. He's happy and free from suffering now. And he will be waiting for you when you get there, along with the rest of the crew.

Cats of wildcat woods

Benji had love and care in his life on his own terms thanks to you. Sending loving light to you and your family.


So sorry to hear, words cannot express. He was loved that's what is important.
Cynthia xoxo


He was loved. Sending Peace & Love & Strength & Comfort.


I'm so sorry, Chrystal. I know how hard it is to be the one to decide when the time has come to let go, but I think this was doubly hard for you. Benji needed all the love you could give him and you more than met the challenge. So his going leaves an extra big hole in your heart. I grieve with you.


I know he loved you in the only way he knew and he knew you loved him. In the end, that's all that really matters.

John Bellen

I believe that Benji loved you and your family. We can't always measure love the same way in different animals, any more than in different people. My Tucker will cross a room just to rub against my leg. But my Cammie shows affection only when she can lie on my chest. If she never had that opportunity, it would not mean she didn't care for me. I would simply never know it. Benji watched for your return when you were away. He wanted to be near you. That's love. It's not the kind about which songs are written, but it's the kind one finds in real life. It's real love.

Maria in FL

Chrystal, I am so very sorry, and I share the deep grief of your loss. At the same time, I celebrate the life that Benji had with you and your family. You gave a home to a little dog that would probably have been deemed unadoptable if it weren't for you. Your love, patience and compassion gave Benji the best life he could possibly have had. What a lucky little guy! Safe travels to the Bridge, Sweet Benji.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

I think he did love you, he just couldn't show it except by being near you and watching for you. That was probably showing you as deeply as he was able, and we know he knows he was loved. I am so sorry for this loss, and so sorry your heart is so broken. I wish there were magic words that would make you feel better, but there are none. And I can't even hug you. So please know that you are in my heart and prayers, and know that you did everything and more for Benji. You gave him a life and a chance when no one else would.


Chrystal, I am so very sorry about your sweet Benji. But I totally disagree with you that he could not accept love - I believe he did accept your love, he just could not acknowledge it in the way that others can. I also believe that in his own way, he showed you he loved you as best he could. He was obviously most comfortable near you, and for him, that was most likely the highest form of demonstration he could give. That you could accept what he was capable of offering was your true gift to him. Remember that always, and remember that because you wrote about him with such love and compassion that we all loved him, too. He will take all that extra love with him to the bridge; I hope it comforts him as well as you.


So heartbreaking...but even with all his "quirks" that you described, you can tell he knew he was loved and he loved you for it. He had the good life that eludes so many. ...And he had the love of mercy in the end. God bless you , Crystal. May you rest easy in knowing that you did everything right and that your heart is pure gold.

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