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Ginny& the Fur Family

I too love the Earth and all that is on it for our lives to be lived. Life with fur is life with love. I am writing to say good bye to a scruffy old cat with twice broken tail and a severe as I have ever see case of ear mites. We have tried for a year to catch him using all kinds of methods - traps nets cages tranquilizers. I watched helplessly as the case cot to a death stage. Saturday he came up on the porch - I went out and told him how much I loved him and tried once again to scruff him. He just set at a distance and stared at me. I knew his life was a painful burden for him now and I prayed for him to just let go. To get out of the pain if he would not let us help him. I think he knew he was going to die and came to say good bye. He heard I loved him and this was him only home he had ever had. He left and never came back. I do wish I could find his body and bury him in our pet cemetery but I guess that is asking for too much - he was a very loved old scruffy cat. I cry for him now. Prayers for the soul of Scruffy.

Random Felines

well said....we certainly wish more people were aware of the things around them and how their actions affect not just themselves but others

Ginny: please know we all feel that when we see those we can't save...they take a piece of our hearts with them

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

The joys temper the sorrows, and the sorrows make the joys even more joyful, I guess we have to have both. And yes, we're here for all of it! :)

I'm thankful today, Chrystal because of you giving me one of your wonderful saved kitties, and then years later, his sisters! Those are my joys!!
And today I'm celebrating my blogoversary with a Comment-a-thon that will benefit Winnie's Wish! So if ya'all don't regularly visit me, do so today to help Winnie's Wish!
I am putting my money where my mouth is. I'm always asking you all to help, and I can do no less!

Lets help the kitties on the side bar find their wonderful forever homes! Share the post the picture leads to on whatever social media you use! Thank you!
Don't forget, donations and wish list items! (didn't think I was going to forget, did ya? ;) )

Ginny& the Fur Family

Joy to the world - I found Scruffy. Our neighbor has an old flat bed yard wagon our back - Scruffy was laying there still alive. Right quick the neighbor and I put some antibiotic and pain medicine is food and water and stuck it under the wagon and walked away and sure enough he started to drink and eat. - mites still there but the antibiotics have started to kick in. Prayers that he comes back up to the porch and we may catch him. Andrea is right it takes money to rescue. I have to mail mine but it is always for a great cause. Fur is life - fur is love. God loves the furries.


Ginny!!!! Yay and yippee that you found the cat! Hoping with all my heart that you can catch him.

Maria in FL

What a beautiful post, Chrystal! Your words totally captured my feelings about living with my animals. I always shake my head when I hear people say that they will never get another pet; it is too painful when they leave us. Well, of course it is, but the love that they give us when they are alive completely makes up for the pain of loss. Having animals in my life is not an option, it is a necessity. Our house is not a home without fur babies.


Oh Ginny I'm so glad you found Scruffy and were able to help him a little. Here's hoping he'll come around again and you can continue to help him.

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