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Ginny& the Fur Family

Some people should never own a pet. I saw the bad ear and my heart bled. No cat should have to suffer because of uncaring owners. The cats are better off at the shelter. There they will get medical care and food and love. I am dealing with three cats on my porch right now. I just caught the gray one and stuffed ear mite med in his ears and he has an eye infection I put eye wash into and put some Neosporin on his face where a cat had scratched him. I catch what I can and doctor what I can. These cats will never make pets. They have never been neutered. All three are males. I have tried to stuff them into carriers but they would go wild. What is the answer. I think it should be against the law to not spay or neuter a pet. Some where a long time ago I think these cats had owners who moved off and left them. Who knows. It was so lucky that the nursing mothers accepted the kittens. More eyes in the night. My heart breaks at the thought of it. Tick and flee season is also upon us. Poor felines get covered with ticks and flees. My front porch looks like a doctors office. My neighbors must think I am the crazy old cat lady but I am past caring. I am going to keep trying as we all must. Thank God for the shelter and all no kill shelters all over this great country. Praise for older and younger daughter and the wonderful PARKER FAMILY. They give their all for the furries.

The Poupounette Gang

The irresponsible behaviour of people is really shocking. As is the belief, which such people clearly hold, that kittens are disposable goods that can simply be thrown away. Glad those moms and kittens are with you, Chrystal.

Random Felines

so good for the first guy for trying to help. and SO glad to hear the mom with the wound is now safe and those orphaned babies are with new moms. it makes all of us nuts when people just don't seem to care....

Maria in FL

I have to say that the situation is just shocking and totally disheartening. Why do most municipalities have laws against your dog running loose, but nothing about cats? If people are too ignorant to spay and neuter their cats, at least they should be kept inside. Shelters all over the country are just overrun with unwanted cats...the shelter I volunteer at in Florida has upwards of 200. There aren't enough homes for these wonderful kitties. I guess the only answer is to try and be proactive, and keep educating, informing, and working to provide low cost spay and neuter for those that can't afford it. I know it seems like trying to empty the ocean, but those of us who care will continue to believe that we can make a difference and end the cycle of suffering.


It's very disheartening to see all of the cats running wild around town. I agree that they have all kinds of ordinances about dogs but nothing about cats. Our town used to set aside $3,000 a year to assist residents in paying to spay and neuter- unfortunately somewhere along the line they determined the animals weren't important and funneled that money elsewhere. GRRR

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

It's so hard to know what to saw. On one hand I'm glad they called the shelter instead of ignoring the situations, but on the other, I wish they'd have done some of the work themselves. Yet some people really can't. But many can.

Lets do what we can to open up spaces for more kitties that you KNOW are getting ready to land at Winnie's Wish. Let's find homes NOW for some of the wonderful, special kitties by sharing them on social network and by talking to people we know, family, coworkers, friends, anyone we think has the potential to be a great home. For the sake of the kitties, lets try!

Don't forget donations and wish list items! (And the comment-a-thon still going on at Celestial Kitties for Winnie's Wish if you haven't seen it yet)


I gasped when I saw that wound on the poor mama's head. It appears better in the last picture. Here in Jacksonville, 2015, our shelter took in OVER 1100 dogs/cats/puppies/kitten in just ONE month (JUNE). THAT, my friends, is staggering. Last year, we had over 800 puppies and kittens in foster until they were old enough to be adopted out (...and I foster failed - ha). People of the world...PLEASE spay and neuter. There aren't any excuses anymore. There are free spay/neuter programs, there is assistance, etc. If you fail to do this, YOU are the problem.

Chrystal, thank you and thank your daughters for everything you do. You all make the world a better place. Thank you to everyone who rescues, to everyone who fosters, to everyone who volunteers. We are the people who worry, fret and cry for these wee ones. Bless you all!


Ginny& the Fur Family - you may be happy to know that some towns (Like Jacksonville Beach, FL) has passed laws that pet stores cannot sell dogs/cats from breeders/puppy mills. They can only sell rescue/shelter animals!

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