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Ginny& the Fur Family

I know I shouldn't be laughing - but I can picture it all -
So I am laughing up a storm. I had a closet in our hall once in another house. You had to stand on the edge of the top step and step up and down into that closet. But along with that you had to block the heavy door so it did not swing shut. One night Husband and I were laying in bed real cozy when he said - I feel a wet spot at my feet. Brindell - our love bed sleeper had to take a pill before bed. He had held that mushy pill in his mouth and discretely dug a hole down in the soft cover and buried it. It went all the way through the sheet we keep over the blanket, sheets and the mattress topper. He must have vomited a little along with the pill- what a mess. It took an hour with a hair dryer to sponge and dry the mattress topper. Then on with the clean sheets and etc. Husbands do not find laughter the answer sometimes. I will not repeat the foul word - but you can guess as he said - What the ----? It was on his foot side. I hope the weather clears up so the yard sales can begin. I have some things to donate. Thanks for the story - it brightens an other wise very cold dreary day. We must make our own kind of music today. Warm wishes for a cold cold wintery day.

Random Felines

yep - been there. but at least you got a good laugh out of it....sometimes that's the best you can do :)

John Bellen

That is exactly the sort of late-night disaster that is pure comedy - afterward. Oh, I detest having to do such physical work when I am all ready for bed; showered and clean, and then get sweaty and angry. When I owned a house, I once came up from the bathroom, ten minutes from bed, to find Tucker had decided to explore the cold fireplace. I had to spend forty minutes scrubbing a sooty cat. Now, it's a funny story. Then, it was a reason to re-home a pet.

As an aside, I bought a heated mattress-pad that is a life-saver on cold nights. It fits under the fitted sheet and has different settings. I know there are versions in which varying levels of heat can be applied to different sides of the bed, for pairs of sleepers who don't share the same 'degree' of warmth.


I love that something so maddening at the time can give you the giggles in retrospect. Good for you, Chrystal. Sending hugs and smiles your way, dear friend.

Maria in FL

Yes, I've been there! And my cat does get on the counter....I try to keep that a secret! I firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine, and especially so if you can laugh at yourself. Thanks for giving all of us a good giggle today!!


Laughing my head off. I actually have a whole room like your closet and every time I venture in there I'm not sure if I'll find my way back out in one piece. Oh and I've had beds peed on and kitchen tables and counters with paw prints and cat hair 🙊

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Are you telling me that you stepped out of that closet with hanger hair and the only reaction your hubby had was to go to sleep? I'd have died laughing! And apologized.. lol! Why didn't you take a picture?? :D

Laughter is great medicine! But since kitties rarely laugh at what we do, they need other kinds of medicine, like vaccines! What say we send a donation for said medicine? That'll help the kitties and make Chrystal smile! You can also use the wish list!
and please please, don't forget to share a Wisher and help find forever families!

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