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ginny & the fur family

I seem to be up earlier than most other blog readers. I do agree with you totally. Every cat deserves a human of their own. I take my three tiglet -tiger kittens to be spayed tomorrow. The forth a boy I got just in time and he is neutered. Think how many kittens I kept from being born into a world with no place for them. I will keep all these kitties. They are tame. I did not get my four larger kitties in time and they did not tame. Still they are things of eye beauty, much loved but not petted. They are loved, fed, warm and cared for. Never be afraid to adopt an untouchable cat. The love from afar is a great love. Bless Rube in the here after and adopt.

Cynthia Prentice

My fingers are crossed that some kind soul takes a kitty & a friend into their home & hearts. Just last night I was watching our "not people friendly" cat lying near our radiator and soaking up the heat & that girl looked happy to me & that makes us happy too :))))

Maria in FL

I will share and hope that your 2017 wish comes true!!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Greg always laughs and says we got her name wrong, because Chrystal told us that Cashmere would take a long time to tame or never would. We were happy to take her with her bonded sister and let her be as she wanted to be. What she wants to be, however, is stuck fast to Greg! She loves him and wants to be next to or on him all the time! You never know what will happen when they get into a 'home' and out of the cathouse with all the other kitties. If you have room in your heart, why not give one a try? Or two? See what surprises you can find in a Wisher.

Don't forget donations and wish list items!!

Ellen Pilch

I hope all these beauties get forever homes soon.

The Poupounette Gang

I remember once having house-sitters, an older couple, who complained bitterly at the end of their stint that my cats weren't lap cats! I thought that was a ridiculous statement. My cats need to snuggle when they do and don't when they don't. They know they are loved, and safe, and so they live their lives. I am sure this is true of yours, and of Benji, and Rube. They are safe, and cared for and that is how they feel the love. For almost a year, I had a feral, The Trav, who lived in and out of my garage, got fed twice a day and never let me pet him, but he knew he had someone who cared about him and when he was so badly hurt, probably by a car, at the end he crawled back to my garage because he knew I would do right by him. He still bit the hell out of me when I finally caught him and took his maggot-ridden body to the vet to help him across the Bridge, but I feel I gave him everything I could, and he knew it.


I took in a stray TNR'd kitty about 2 years ago. She is skittish but sweet. She didn't seek attention but she also didn't cause trouble. I was happy to rescue her and look and see her FINALLY sleep in a kitty bed. (I told her she was no longer semi-feral as semi-ferals do not sleep in over-priced kitty beds!). Now, each night, she crawls into my lap for pets and for a nap. It is like winning the Lotto!!! She is a dear, lovely cat and is finally giving back. She is still skittish and quick movements or loud sounds make her vamoose! But if you sit or lay down (make your self small), she will come over and lay next to you...stretch out and let you rub her belly. It was worth the wait. Now, if she always was to herself....that would be fine, too. Safe, happy and healthy is what matters. I have others that give affection. Now, would I yearn for her affection? Sure. But I love her unconditionally. Let me mention that my husband pretty much cannot touch her. If she is in my lap and he enters the room, she bolts. I do get annoyed a hubby for that. LOL. However, I rescued her for HER...not for me. I think that people should remember that.


The Poupounette Gang - about your pet sitter....no one will ever know your pets like you do. Your pets will not give others the affection they give you...no matter how social they are. It is like a beautiful secret between human and pet-companion.

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