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Mindy Slimmer

Way to go Chrystal's husband!! I'm glad you have Anastasia and I know she will thrive under your care.
Much Love,
Mindy :)

Goldie Goodwin

Yay! Your husband definitely did the right thing. Somehow I knew you'd end up taking her in because the shelter was full. What a pretty girl!

Goldie Goodwin

Oh My Gosh, just noticed... she's an odd eye?
One blue eye and one gold eye

Random Felines

Man, if I lived closer I would KISS YOUR HUSBAND!!!

Bless you all and Anastasia....no doubt she will get better in no time and hopefully there will be a space for her. :)

Marian in Houston

She's just stunning. Your husband is a doll and the creep with the big mouth isn't good enough to clean my babies litter box. He's not good enough to line it! Hopefully he doesn't have children or with a personality like that we'll be reading about him in the newspaper.
Thank you for making a difference.
Marian in Houston

John Bellen

Hurrah for Anastasia, safe at last. She must've been someone's friend to be so trusting after a harsh life outside. And now she has the chance for a good and long life. Well done.

ginny & The Fur Family

Our hero - lets hear a cheer for dear sweet Husband. We need more men like him. Anastasia looks like she loves the warm bed. The food and love will make her well. I have cried and felt joy all at the same time with the way this post ended. Keep up the good work family of furrie lovers. God loves you- because your love comes from the heart and soul. I know that town and husband sure said the right thing to that loud mouth. I hate cat haters. Warm wishes for a cold day... Ginny & The Fur Family-ps Is Anastasia a tailless kitty?

Lee County Clowder

Headbomps to Anastasia. You just hang out and recover for a while, kittie.

She is gonna be gorgeous once she cleans up and fattens up a little.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Aw, poor little girl! and so pretty! Who could mistreat such a sweetie! Does she have a tail? And odd eyes? Is that dirt or markings? She's so pretty, you can tell that under all the mess that she is. Thank you, and thank your husband, for caring about her! Oh boy people! you know what this means. We REALLY have to empty that cathouse! we HAVE to have adoptions so there's room for kitties like Anastasia! Please please help!

The Poupountte

She is so beautiful and we are crossing everything we've got that this is step one on a whole new, happy life for her.

Maria in CT

Today's blog makes me want to cry and spit nails all at the same time! I choose to believe that there is a special place in hell for people who mistreat animals...it's the only thing that keeps me going some days. Chrystal, I am in love with your husband and I don't even know him! Now, that's a real man!! Anastasia is one lucky kitty, and Chrystal, you and your family are true angels. Thanks for being you, and for being such a wonderful refuge for those who cannot help themselves.

Sometimes, Cats Herd You

Anastasia is beautiful, and we're each giving a high paw to your husband. We look forward to seeing more of Anastasia after she's cleaned up. We're sure she's going to absolutely gorgeous once she has a chance to warm up and wash up a bit.


Oh Chrystal you and your Husband and daughters are awesome. It brought me to tears to read how Anastasia was making muffins, thank God she has you now and has made her way out of such a harsh life.

Cat's Cats

Poor girl, thank goodness she is safe with you now :-) Yay to your husband for speaking up to such and ignoramus!!!

M E Kolb

I need to talk to you about adopting a kitty sometime this summer.

Mindy Slimmer

Hi Friends!
I just heard from Chrystal and her computer is in the shop (and has been since Thursday--when this post was put up). Please pray that her pictures can be saved (and the computer on which they are attached, too).
Much Love,
Mindy :)

ginny & The Fur Family

Thanks Mindy for the news about the computer. I was worried that someone was sick or something had happened. This has been a cold bad winter and now we have mud a plenty every where. Surely spring will truly come, and the sunshine dry up all this mud. It is hard to get out and feed out side pets and donkeys in the mud. We will be looking forward to the news of Anastasia soon. Ginny & The Fur Family

Rascal and Rocco

So wonderful that hubby told him what he thought! And that Anastasia is now safe and warm with someone to be kind to her. Happy Blogoversary!


Your husband ROCKS.
She is a beautiful kitty! I can't wait to see the transformation! I call "pitting", Making Biscuits.
Please, please continue to give us pictures and updates of her....and let us know her name, when she tells it to you.


I was sooooo enthralled with reading this that I missed her name: Anastasia!!! How lovely!!!


Hooray for your husband speaking up for the cat. Some people, like the one in the diner, have no thought for anything but themselves!


Your husband is AWESOME, Chrystal. So glad Anastasia is safe with you.

Happy blogoversary, by the way!

Milo and Alfie's mom

Bless you for helping her. You and your husband and family are very special. If only people would spay and neuter ... if only.

Glogirly & Katie

Oh my gosh...you are BOTH our heroes.
Bless you and bless sweet Anastasia.


Hannah and Lucy

Thank you for taking this poor ill treated lady and taking care of her. Thank goodness your husband found her and we wish the cruel man gets a bloody nose.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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