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Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

It is tragic that Gandy has cancer ~ but I can only be grateful that he found his way to you. I would have been awful if his nightmare had got worse by suffering more until his death. The sweet little soul probably thinks he is already in Heaven, with receiving such loving kindness and medical treatment. I am sad .... but I can't thank you enough for making his last days as comfortable as they can be. xxx


So, Gandy needs a hospice home.

Random Felines

Poor Gandy. I know it can be so hard - you want to find those previous people and just..... My heart aches for him and for you. But know this - for no matter how much time he has left he will know more love and comfort than he did before this. And sometimes that is the best we can do.

I am SO excited about Halo. How awesome!!!

And it must be neuter your foster day - Bourbon and Whiskey were dropped off this morning too. haha

Madeline Runion

So sorry about Gandy, Thank you for giving him love and comfort in last days.
Wonderful news about Halo!!!!!!


Gandy will at least have a comfortable place in which to live out his last months, and caring people to take care of him. His last days may be his happiest, and that's a great gift to give to any living creature.

The Poupountte

Sometimes if is the smallest acts that are the most significant. For a dog like Gandy there is no "future" but only today, and his todays are now sweet. That is LIFE!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Chrystal, I would never think to correct you, but I have to say you missed something serious this time! You listed the things Gandy now has "soft blanket and shelter and food, fresh water, and medication" but you forgot THE most important thing! Love! The one special ingrediant you make sure every critter that passes through your doors gets! Gandy will not die unloved and in horrible conditions because of you! He may not have a long future, but he has a good one now, never forget that, even when the end comes and it's hard, and I know it will be because you take each one personally, remember, Gandy was saved, cleaned up, fed, and loved, right to the end.

Yay for Halo! What a sweetie! I'm so glad she got a home!!

Big dreams like yours are gifts! I hope they can happen!
To help with that, people, lets do what we can! Buy the book! Donate! Check out the FUNdraiser! And most important, help find homes for kitties! Is there room in your home and heart? How about your parents? How about your kids? How about your friends? How about your coworkers?

Can you put the word out on facebook or your own blog? Can you contact a celebrity/show and let them know about the rescue and the book? Can you put in a flier? Can you give Chrystal the names of your local newspapers? Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated and will help the animals!!

Ginny & The Fur Family

ANDREA has it right again. Please do all those things and more- I SENT a copy of the flyer and a short cover page about the book and blog to the PADUCAH Sun paper - I DO HOPE THE RIGHT PERSONS READ IT - MY FAVORITE REPORTER CORI EGAN'S NAME WAS ON ATTENTION TO -- I do hope she gets it and puts something about it in the paper... keep your fingers crossed every one... Gandy looks so much better- it broke my heart to hear about the cancer. HOWEVER - He can live out the precious time he has left with Chrystal and her family. IF NEED BE. HE HAS THIS GREAT FACE AND MAYBE SOMEONE WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH HIS STORY AND FOSTER HIM.. GREAT NEWS about HALO... SO GLAD TO HEAR ABOUT HIM ADJUSTING TO HIS NEW HOME .. MUST GET SHIFT KEY FIXED.. NICE DAY - Ginny & The Fur Family..

The Island Cats

We are so sorry to hear that Grandy has cancer. But the good thing is whatever time he has left will be spent with warmth and food and LOVE! Chrystal, what you do is so wonderful.

Cat's Cats

Sweet Gandy, we are so glad that his remaining time will be filled with compassion and love :-)

What wonderful news that Halo is doing so well!

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