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Cat's Cats

Wow, it is so lovely to see Tulip so relaxed and happy!!! How fantastic that she adjusted immediately, even with a doggie in the house :-) We are very glad Tulip's story has a happy ending!!!

PS - the carries pics were amazing!

The Poupountte

That is such wonderful, wonderful news. Three cheers for Tulip, her wonderful new home and Younger Daughter's assignment! May you be forever happy, sweet Tulip!

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

Oh such wonderful happy news! You have made my day. And those pics of Tulip in her now home filled me with joy!!! Job well done. Thank you. xx

Madeline Runion

Awesome, as my grandson would say,
Isn't it amazing how things work out sometimes.
The pics of her getting into the carrier were
just fantastic, I do believe they understand
what you say and even mentally sending them
messages, I have seen it happen.

Random Felines

OMC!!! Love that story. Apparently that conversation you had with her was just what she needed. I am so excited for you, Tulip and R. How very cool!! :)


YAY!!! Again, crying happy tears! Yay Tulip!!!

Ginny & The Fur Family

Wonderful news about Tulip. She looks like she knew just what you were telling her. She loaded her self up twice. She looks so happy in her new home and a thank you goes to the great people who adopted her. We were all thinking that it would take a special family to adopt her and it seems that they are that family and that this was ment to happen .... Younger daughter is learning so fast- soon she will be putting your blog all over the country and only good things can happen... Ginny & The Fur Family -

Mindy Slimmer

Great news!! We are so happy for Tulip and her new pawrents over here in the Slimmer household. I remember when we went to pick up Percy and Golden and how friendly Tulip and Frosting were to us while we were there and in fact, both of them got into our cat carriers and were bummed that they were not the selected kitties for the trip to Kansas, especially Frosting. I will pull an Andrea...but I'll be specific...can someone out there use some Frosting? Frosting is a most loving kitty and will probably adjust even easier than Tulip.
Much Love and God Bless,

Goldie Goodwin

Fantastic. It just doesn't get any better than this story! So happy for Tulip and her new parents.

Eric and Flynn

That is wonderful news for Tulip. We are glad she has settled in so well and so quickly.


And here I go again with the tears of joy! :) Thank you for making my day, Chrystal. Congratulations to Tulip and her new forever family.


well this just made my eyes leak! YEA for Tulip and YEA for her new beans..


What a fantastic story! Always great to hear when a difficult-to-adopt kitty finds a perfect home!

Fuzzy Tales

Good heavens! This absolutely made my day, Chrystal, thank you. Wow, such wonderful, fantastic, amazing news!

And it's clear she didn't exactly have a hard time settling in -- lol.

Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

YAY!! It's just like Audrey (nee Sparkles)! You see? The right home just happens. It's like magic. ::beams:: I'm so so so happy!!!


This is excellent news about Tulip. I am currently fostering a cat who needs definitely to go into a one-cat household, so I know what it means to have a cat in that position. (Mine I can't let into the general population unsupervised at all.) And pictures say a great deal: Tulip looks relaxed and as if she had always been in her new home.


And, I am a sobby mess yet again. YAY TULIP! My heart cannot possibly be any happier right now.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Look at her! Sleeping on her new daddy already! no kitties to bap, so happy! What a wonderful success story!! And Tulip was clearly ready and willing to go!

Just a link. That's all it took. Where can you post a link? It could be all it takes for another kitty to get a home. Got facebook, got twitter? Got a blog? Post a link. We need more stories like Tulips!


So happy for Tulip and for her new family, sounds like a great fit! She is such a beautiful cat!

Sweet Purrfections

Happy Tears! This is such wonderful news! We are so happy to hear the Tulip is adjusting well to her new forever home.


Our Tulip would like to think your Tulip was chosen in part because of her special name:)
We couldn't be more pleased that your Tulip found her loving forever home!
Now we need to catch up on your news because we have been way behind in visiting:( Too much life going on right now in our neck of the woods. Hope all is relatively well in your world.I'll read up on Jane...
the critters in The Cottage xo

Father Tom

A story with such a happy ending. I'm glad for Tulip and it was almost as if she knew.

We're always happy to read when kitties find forever homes, Chrystal!

Tom xx

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